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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 44 in Pictures

Last week was probably the looooooongest week in the history of weeks!  The rain started on Saturday, October 27 and continued until Saturday, November 3.  Eight straight days of cold, miserable, windy rain.  We did get a break every now and then ... and the sun even tried to come out a few times on Friday and Saturday.  But overall, it was a very blah week.  We are blessed in the fact that Hurricane Sandy didn't leave much destruction in her path in our area.  Things were predicted to be much worse than they actually are.  I wish I could say the same for those east of us.  We are keeping those folks in our prayers.

I predicted that I would struggle to pick up my camera during the rainy weather and I did.  Several of these photos are "cheats".  I took all of these photos this week, but some were taken on the same day.  We'll just pretend they are from the day I say they are, okay?  :)

Gross, rainy weather.  I even added a colorful gradient to make my original photo more appealing, but it didn't help much.  :)

The nuttiest Nuthatch that frequents my feeder.  I just love this little guy.  He's so fun to watch.

I decided to play around with some low-key photography since I don't do it often.  I'm not sure I did it right, but I like the way it turned out.

Despite the fact that my kids don't go trick or treating, we still seem to end up with a huge bowl of candy.

Poor Blue Jay.  Soaking wet in all this rain.  I was pretty pumped to have gotten this photo of him though, since he is pretty elusive and usually flies away as soon as he sees me.


Very rare to have another photo of me so soon (just featured one last week).  Especially since I hate self-portraits.  :)
I set out with the intention of getting a much-needed haircut and ended up having my perm straightened.  It had grown out 5-6 inches anyway so it was either get another perm or go straight.  I thought I'd try straight for a while.  The girls at the salon kept asking me if I had colored my hair at all.  Strangely, no, I don't color my hair.  The light and dark streaks are all natural.


Keira got invited to a costume party at a friend's house.  And they ended up going trick or treating.  Fourteen years old and she finally got to go.  :)  Anyway, after much costume searching and deciding, she went as a gypsy.  The clothes were found at Good Will and most of the accessories were borrowed from my MIL.  (And as you can tell, the sun was out for a bit.  But on our way to drop Keira off at the friend's house, it was raining and sunny and we got to see a gorgeous rainbow).
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Lori said...

I love all of your photos, great week!

MG Atwood said...

Great shots. That poor little bluebird. He really was soaked! Have a happy week, try to stay dry.

Tamar SB said...

Love that low key photography! Gorgeous!

Pieni Lintu said...

Great shots!

Diana Taylor said...

Wow, what fab photos! I LOVE the pumpkins - very eye-catching - and the blue Jay colour palette is beautiful.

Rosie leavesnbloom said...

Fantastic Kimberly. I just love that backlighting on the pumpkins and such a cute little bird to choose to make the palette from.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Love your selfie!!!! You should be doing that more often my friend!