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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 45 in Pictures

I'm a bit late posting last week's pictures.  I had some dental work done last Tuesday (Nov. 6) and my tooth starting aching a few days later and I just didn't feel like doing much.  I went back yesterday and had the tooth taken care of and I'm feeling much better now.  I never thought I'd be so thankful for Novocaine and my dentist, but yesterday I definitely was.  Although I was very sleepy once I got home.  So I listened to my body and rested - something I don't usually do.

Keira got this card for her birthday back in September but I just got around to photographing it.  Probably because it was late in the day and I hadn't photographed anything yet.  Anyway, my mom got it for her, figuring I'd get a chuckle out of it.

I'm still enjoying all the birds that come visit my feeder.

This four-point has been visiting our yard lately.

I finally had enough money saved up to buy a good bounce/swivel flash for my camera.  Nick was helping me test it out.  I obviously need more practice with it, but I'm excited to have it - especially with the holidays coming up and lots of indoor pictures to take.  And, in case you are wondering, he is holding an old mop handle.  He pretends it is a rifle.

Took one last trip to Living Treasures before they close for the season.

vintage or retro
A friend gave me this vintage camera.  The boys like trying to figure out how it worked.

Friday (Nov. 9) was our 16th wedding anniversary.  We had planned to go out to dinner, but because of my aching tooth and the fact that I wouldn't be able to enjoy our dinner, we decided to postpone our anniversary date.  But we did get Keira to take a couple pics of us.  

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