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Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 46 in Photos

Another week down!  I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to this being my last year for taking a photo a day.  Some days are just hard!  Especially after three years of doing this.  I'm all out of ideas.  But I do enjoy documenting our lives and plan to continue to do so next year.  Just not with the pressure of taking a photo a day.

We are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break the kids get from school.  Hopefully that will give Keira enough time to shake this illness that has been plaguing her for the past week and a half.  She's on her fourth day of missing school and I don't see her going back this week.  Poor thing.  She had to miss the Washington DC field trip this past weekend.  :(

Nick is looking forward to going deer hunting with Doug on Monday, which should be interesting.  They've gone hunting for squirrels a couple times and Doug said Nick did a pretty good job of keeping his mouth quiet, but he walks with heavy feet.  Nick blames that on his boots.  :)

Alex is looking forward to the "feast" at school on Wednesday.  The first graders and the kindergarteners get together to celebrate Thanksgiving with soup, cheese, and crackers.  That should be fun!

One of the flowers in the bouquet that Doug bought me for our anniversary.

Nick and I went to the Veteran's Day parade.  Keira and Alex were sick and stayed home, much to Alex's dismay.  Plus, if I recall correctly, Alex punched Nick in the nose that morning, soooo ...

Alex stayed home from school today.  He wanted to watch a movie and sat Woody down to decide which one.  (And, as you can see, I hadn't swept the floor yet.)  :)

Keira managed to go to school today and brought home this keychain she made in Shop class.  She said she needs photos of all the things she's made for a display board assignment.

Our snowball bush is one of the last trees/bushes to still have leaves on it.

I was asked to go take photos at a masquerade dinner at our church for a group of teenage girls.  The hostess made a bunch of different masks for the girls to take home.  The food was great and the message was uplifting and inspirational.  I'm honored to have been a part.

Between Thursday night and Friday, we threw together a family photo shoot for this lovely lady and her family.  She was referred to me by a friend.  The weather was chilly but nice.  The shoot was challenging, mainly getting the little ones to cooperate (and keeping my assistant, Nick, in check).  I hope the mom is pleased with what I was able to get for her.
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Rosie Nixon said...

Oh I love that key chain Kiera made but I'm amazed at the colours you were able to get from the autumnal leaves for the palette. Three years of 365 is some achievement. I know I could never do it.

Laura said...

Love the photo of the flag and the one of the key chain!

Amanda said...

Fabulous set of photos! I love Woody picking out the movie! :)

Rainey said...

The flag is really awesome! The family shoot is adorable too. You should be proud of yourself, for sure!

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Lovely photos! I hope Keira gets well soon!

Tamar SB said...

Love the picture of Woody! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Kim C. said...

Well, these are all just lovely! Sorry your girl is feeling unwell. It is going around in our area too, and we've been hermits to avoid it. Still praying it doesn't show up for Thanksgiving.

Sarah Halstead said...

Such gorgeous shots Kimberly. Hope everyone gets to feeling better! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

packmom said...

LOL! Love that picture of woody. All wonderful shots. I think the first one is my favorite.