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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

One of our Christmas traditions is to make a birthday cake for Jesus.  Normally it is just a simple white cake in a 9x13 pan.  But this year I came across this great idea from The Happy Home Fairy and actually made it happen.

The Happy Birthday Jesus cake

This was obviously a little more involved than just a 9x13, but it wasn't difficult to make.

Here's what you will need:

1 box of white cake mix (or your favorite white cake recipe)
1 box of chocolate cake mix (or your favorite chocolate cake recipe)
Vanilla frosting (either make your own or a couple cans of store-bought frosting will do)
food coloring: red and green and possibly yellow
birthday candles

yellow candies or sprinkles (or you could color some of our icing and decorate with it)  We used yellow sugar sprinkles because that is all my husband was able to find for us.

(I added 2 tsp. of almond extract to each box of mix - because everything is better with almond extract)  :)

Prepare cakes according to the box/recipe directions. Divide the white batter in half. Drop several drops of green food coloring in one half, and red food coloring in the other half and mix well. Pour into 8" round cake pans and bake according to recipe directions.

Once cakes are cool, layer them by chocolate, red, then green, layering the white icing in between and then on the top/sides.  Put the yellow decorations on and a few candles.

The meaning:
The chocolate layer reminds us that we are sinful and in need of a Savior.
The red layer reminds us the Jesus shed his blood for our sins.
The white frosting reminds us that Jesus has given us a clean heart.
The green layer reminds us to grow in Christ.
The yellow decorations remind us of heaven.
The candles remind us that Jesus is the Light of the world.

The cake was a big hit! And it gave me an opportunity to share Jesus' love with some family who don't have a relationship with Him.  Such a simple way to share the Gospel.


Even Miracles said...

Looks so good ! Great idea

Adeline said...

Oh this looks really good and yummy!I'm sure Jesus would have loved it too very much:)

SKC said...

OH that is a great idea and the cake looks so yummy!!