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Friday, December 28, 2012

I love this dog!

I have spent the past few days sorting and editing pictures so I can place an order while some sites are having good sales ... when I came across this series of our sweet Honey from January.  We were sledding down our neighbor's hill and she would run down after us each time.  

So I had Keira hold onto her while I went down and got my camera ready (otherwise she would have followed me down and I wouldn't have been able to photograph her).  Then she let her loose.  The following is what happened next ...

Honey 1

Honey 2

Honey 3

These last two crack me up!
Honey 4

Honey 5

I actually took more than this as I started photographing her from the top of the hill, but I didn't see the need to show all of them.  :)

She really loves the snow and comes in the house afterwards with her toes full of ice and hair full of snowballs.  But that never stops her from joining us outside.

We love our sweet Honey!


Melissa said...

HAHAHA! I love it! :)

Rainey said...

So cute!

Lisa Gordon said...

She is just beautiful, Kimberly!

SKC said...

Aww fabulous doggie moment captured.

Sheri said...

Lovelovelove these shots!