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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 12(ish) Photos of 2012

As 2012 is coming to an end, it was time to look back over the past 12 months and pick out a few favorite photos.  I ended up having way too many favorites and had to narrow them down.  To 15.  Hence the title Top 12(ish).  :)  You'll see why in a moment.

Since there is really no fair way to post them, I'll go from oldest child to youngest child.  :)

Keira looked so pretty in the snow this particular day we went for a walk through our neighbors' woods.

Keira has been playing the violin for almost five years now and just loves it.  This was taken the day of her school's Spring concert.

Keira turned 14 in September but we didn't get a chance to take her pictures until October.    But we had a really good time when we finally did.

I'm showing this one more for Nick than for me.  He would be upset if I didn't include this photo of him holding a Burmese Python at our local farm show this summer.  He paid five bucks to hold it.

Nick loved the waterfall at the museum this summer.  And I love this shot of him.

Nick is my tough one when it comes to getting his picture.  He likes to yell PAPARAZZI!!! and run the other direction when I get the camera out.  So this particular day, I think I bribed him with ice cream or something and this is still the best I was able to get.  :)

2012 was a rough year for Alex.  He had a ruptured appendix resulting in two surgeries and we ended up spending 3 1/2 weeks in Children's Hospital this July.  But we were showered with love while there so I wanted to send thank you cards to everyone who was so nice to us.  This is what we used.

I love this picture of Alex.  We had a mini shoot in the back yard while the trees were so pretty this fall.  As you can see, he is fully recovered. 

Alex on his 7th birthday on December 5th.  He got a Buzz Lightyear to go with his Sheriff Woody.

My fourth child, Honey, enjoying the cold and snow.

Honey and I went for a brief walk on this very blustery day.  Even she didn't want to be out in the cold long that day.

Honey running down the hill after us while sledding.  I love her Elvis lip in this photo.  :)  And I realize that all 3 photos of Honey are from winter.  I guess that's when she's more willing to let me take her picture.  :)

{Group shots}
I tried to get a good photo of all 3 kids together several times throughout the year.  This was one of those times ... right after church one Sunday.

I was very pleased with our back-to-school photos this year.  We cheated and took them the day before school started, which worked out great.

This ended up being our Christmas card this year.  The kids sitting on a boulder at a local park.  Notice Nick's lack of enthusiasm.  :)

I hope you enjoyed this look back at my babies!  They're getting so big!

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Top 12 of 2012


rachelle said...

Lovely images, all! I'm especially found of the first shot of Kiera - stunning capture. You've a beautiful four children

SKC said...

All are wonderful but my faves are the first one and all the doggie shots in the snow.

Melissa said...

The first of Kiera is my favorite, but they're all great. Beautiful family. Thanks for the Christmas card, btw. :) And of course you know i LOVE the shots of Honey!

Amber said...

Love that violin shot and the 2nd shot of your dog in the snow. So clean and fresh.