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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 49 in Pictures

I know I probably say this every week now but ... one week closer to the end of this year's Project 365!  WOOT!  :)  At this point in the year, I'm so ready to be done.  Even with all the pretty Christmas lights and decorations.  I'm sure I'll look back at my photo books one day and be glad I did this for three years in a row.  And, who knows, I might even decide to do it again another year down the road.  But for now, I'm excited to be almost done.  Have I said that already?  :)

This week was another busy one.  (When aren't they busy anymore?!)  Meetings, sick kids, doctor appointments, and birthday celebrations, just to name a few things I was busy with.  Doug was on vacation and we had planned to go shopping, but that didn't happen.  We're planning to try again on the 18th when he has the day off for Keira's Christmas concert.  Her concert is at 8:00 a.m. so we'll leave straight from there.  Unless, of course, I have all the shopping done by then.  Which is highly possible.  I'm more of an online shopper these days.  I can take my time and very often get better deals and free shipping.  Gotta love it when Christmas presents get delivered right to your door.  And I can shop in my jammies.  :)

Anyway, let's take a look at what last week looked like ...

Keira made this sign in "shop" class and asked me to photograph it, along with a few other items she made.  She needed to make a display board documenting her time in class.  

I picked up this cute ornament at Target.

Tuesdays are one of the few days I'm up early enough to see the sun rise.

Alex turned 7 today!  Seven!  My baby!  I did a little tribute post to him.  You should go see it.  He was so stinkin' adorable when he was smaller.  He still is, but you know what I mean.  :)

We had some cupcakes left over from Alex's birthday celebration at church Wednesday evening.  So I photographed them for the "colorful" prompt for the Scavenger Hunt.

When all else fails, photograph some bokeh.  :)

We celebrated Alex's birthday with family today.  I made his cake again this year.  I didn't want to, but my cake-making friend was all booked up this weekend.  I need to remember to ask earlier.  Her cakes are incredible!  Although mine wasn't bad for whipping up on the fly.
Kleinworth &Co

This week is another busy one.  Fun stuff, but busy.  We already had our church's Christmas dinner, had a quick photo shoot yesterday, and Bible study this morning.  Coming up are: prepping for Wednesday night church (yes, I tend to wait until the last minute), painting my living room (I hope), craft night with the girls, my birthday, possibly a girls' movie night out if I can swing it, Praise & Coffee, and the Toby Mac concert with Keira and the youth group.  I think I might just sleep all next week.  :)


Rosie Nixon said...

That cake looks fabulous - my boys would have loved a digger and dumper truck theme years ago. They grow up so fast........so I'm going to check out your tribute post :)

What a beautiful sunrise to capture Kimberly and the palette shows the colours so well.

SKC said...

Fabulous bokeh and yummy cakes then there is the sky shot. Beautiful photos.

Sheri said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!!

deb duty said...

Love the camera ornament! I started to buy it. I just may if they still have it, but it doesn't match the rest of my crafty looking tree! Love the bokeh too! And happy birthday to Alex. Your cake looks awesome!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

I hear you on the online shopping- I did all mine that way this year & last. I love getting packages everyday.