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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Winter Walk

After our recent warm weather, which caused all the beautiful snow we had to melt and get really gross and brown outside, we got a half inch or so of snow Tuesday night - Wednesday morning.  I didn't have an opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh coating until this morning when Honey and I went for a walk though our neighbor's woods.  Once I got done with my strength training (yay for being back to exercising!) and a few minutes of cardio on what my friend, Kiersten, and I have nicknamed the "impaling bike" (our new stationary bike with the incredibly uncomfortable seat that will soon be replaced), Honey and I ventured out to see what we could see.  Well, she ventured out to smell what she could smell as her nose was to the ground the majority of the time we were out.  :)  Dogs are interesting creatures, aren't they?

I decided to put my 85mm lens on because I haven't used it much since getting it in November.  (I have fallen in love with my 50mm that now autofocuses on the new camera.)  It took a little adjusting on my part as I couldn't get as close to my subjects as I can with the 50mm, but I'm liking it.

I challenged myself to find something beautiful amidst all the gray of winter.  And this is what I found ...

This tree looks like it started to bloom.

Honey came up from sniffing every once in a while but still refused to look at me.

This caught my eye but I kept walking past it.  Then I decided to go back and take a picture because it must have caught my eye for some reason.

We actually found something green!

It was not the easiest to get down in where these icicles were, but I found a way.  You can see the water falling behind.

Honey was filthy by the time we got back up to the top of the hill.  We came in the house and she laid on a blanket by the door and didn't move for about 4 hours until Keira came home.  She must have been whooped!

This little pine tree is in our back yard.  Nick brought a seedling home from preschool several years ago (he's now in 4th grade) and the little tree is about 2 1/2 feet tall now.

I'm really hoping we get more snow soon!



Sarah Segovia said...

awesome set!
love every photo :)

Tamar SB said...

Gorgeous walk! Love the icicle picture!!

Jesh StG said...

Your third capture and the icicles are my favorites!

Pat said...

Beautiful, wintry shots. Honey must have had a ball.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Oh so PRETTY!! My 85 is by far my favorite. I wish all my lenses were as sharp & the colors so perfect as they are with that one. I have a really hard time with my 50- it doesn't like to focus & will get hung up. Hoping one day we will have the opportunity to do a photo walk together. :)

Melissa said...

These are gorgeous. My fave is that last one! And, of course, Honey. :)

Emily said...

Beautiful photos, it makes me wish for snow! Thank you for sharing! I love that icicle shot!