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Monday, January 7, 2013

Scavenger Hunt ... Monday?

So it is a new year and I'm already off to a late start.  Mostly because of laziness.  :)  I didn't have all the photos for the hunt and I didn't feel like picking up my camera.  Partly because I'm not doing a Project 365 this year and it really feels good to not have the pressure of picking up my camera every day.  

And my boys just got into a fight and made me lose my train of thought, so I'll just get to the hunt.  :)
Nicholas made this in art class recently.  How convenient is that?  I'm not sure why he chose Corn Pops as his cereal because we never eat them.  Or maybe that IS why he chose them.  :)

Not only did Nick get this multi-colored gift from his Aunt Terri on Saturday (we had to celebrate Christmas late with them because they were all sick on Christmas), but Nick is a very colorful boy.  Just bubbling with personality.

{starts with c}
starts with c
My niece, Christi, donning her new monster hat made by my friend, Laura at Wix Works.  Christi starts with the letter "C".  And so does cutie, which she is.  Dirty face and all.  :)

Honey loves to go out and roll around in the snow.  This is how she usually looks when she's done.

Who knows what our future holds?  Our loving heavenly Father does.

So that's it for me.  Better late than never, right?  Hopefully I'll be on time next week with these finds ...
  1. Outside
  2. Backside
  3. Little Things
  4. A Cup of…
  5. Reflect

Have a great week!


Rainey said...

Love the photo of Honey, of course! The Corn Pops picture was really convenient! Maybe he read your prompts for the week. ;-)

Laura said...

That hat looks so good on her!!!

Melissa said...

The pic of Honey is my favorite. I know you are surprised. :)

The hat looks SO CUTE on Christi!

Love that last one. Should be a card. I know i say that on a lot of your pics, but it's TRUE! :)