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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ice Storm

The calendar may say it is finally spring, but the weather outside is still frightful.  On Monday, just two days before the long-awaited vernal equinox, we had an icy mess that thankfully didn't start until after the kids were in school.  Despite having a cold that has left my brain in quite the fog, I ventured outside for a few photos.

Before I went out to brave the elements, I had to photograph our big picture window in our living room covered in ice.

The trees and bushes, ready to awaken from their winter slumber, find themselves coated in ice.  Not time to wake up yet!

You can see that it was still coming down while I was outside.  Brrrr!


The bird feeder that hangs right outside my window was coated in ice also.  Although not too many birds were out and about during the storm anyway.

The ice didn't stick around for long though.  I believe it was all melted off by Tuesday.

Today, the first full day of spring, and my husband's birthday (happy birthday hun!), the sun is shining.  Making the inch or so of snow we got last night glimmer under its rays.

Not looking much like spring around here just yet.  But I know that it is coming!  Hopefully sooner rather than later!  :)

Little by Little


sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

I so like the first one you did. It turned out real nice.

I know it sure does not feel like Spring. It said on news. Spring is going to be mostly rain and storms.
last year in Canada it showed a bommy patio day for not any coat and bootwear. People sat in shorts and tanks tops. So this year is a real unexpected winter.


Kim Cunningham said...

Oh wow! Looks chilly for sure. The first image would make a great texture! Hoping you get a warm up soon. We haven't had snow all year, and oddly there is a chance of flurries tonight here in the south.

Cathy H. said...

Oh, it looks very cold. We got a little sleet today, but nothing that even stuck! Beautiful captures of ice!

Brea said...

I really enjoyed these images. Winter has a beauty all its own, and spring will be all the more glorious when it breaks through!