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Monday, March 11, 2013

Project 52 - Week 10

Wow!  Last week was pretty crazy!  Lots of fun stuff keeping me busy and some crazy March weather!  We had snow on Sunday and Monday.  Then it pretty much all melted.  Only to snow again early Wednesday morning, which caused the kids to have their first snow day of the winter.  We got about 5 inches of snow, other areas got 8-10, and other areas didn't see a flake!  All in the same county!  Doug said it took him 2 1/2 hours to get to work because every direction he tried to go, there were accidents.

We shoveled two driveways with our neighbor's help.  It was heavy, wet snow and my shoulders are still hurting!  Then Saturday's weather was in the 50s and sunny, so I went to our church and did some walking with a few running intervals thrown in there.  It was so nice to be outside in the fresh air instead of stuck inside on the bike to nowhere!

Doug, Keira, and I went out to dinner and then to the symphony Saturday night.  It was movie night, so there were quite a few songs played that we recognized.  We all loved it!  And the boys had a good time at home with their grandparents.  Thanks Maw and Pap!

Yesterday's high temp was near 70 so that was even nicer!  Did a little more walking/running.  But, of course, this is winter in Pennsylvania and it is supposed to snow on Wednesday.  :(  Spring is coming though.  Signs of spring are popping up everywhere.  Like the neighbor's farm where there are five new calves.  One born just yesterday.  Like the Canadian geese that have been seen in ponds and flying overhead.  Like the Robin someone said they spotted over the weekend.  Yay!

Anyway, here's a peek into our lives last week ...
On Sunday afternoon, it was snowing so pretty so I asked Keira to come outside and take a few photos of me (since I haven't appeared in any for a while).  By the time we got outside the snow had slowed down and it was brighter than I expected.  So every photo she took had me squinting (since I'm usually wearing sunglasses outside).  We were laughing about that fact when she snapped this photo.

My daffodils are trying to sprout up despite the snow.

Alex was playing in his suit and mirrored Spiderman sunglasses.  He thought we looked pretty cool.  I thought he looked like a cop.  :)

On Wednesday, our snow day, the kids, Honey, and I went for our usual walk through the neighbor's woods.  I don't really know what Keira was doing here, but since I'm trying to capture more pictures of the kids, I snapped.

This bird sat completely still in our maple tree for quite a while.

The kids had a half day of school on Friday, so Nick spent some of that extra time building with his LEGOS.  I love how he separates them by color.

The usual Saturday morning soccer.  Alex did such a great job when it was his turn to be goalie.  He stopped every shot!  And there were quite a few to stop!  His team won 2-0!

Thanks for stopping by!  I can't wait to see what you were up to last week!

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Tamar SB said...

The sun glass show is too cool for words! The symphony sounds like a perfect evening!

Kim said...

I love your pictures! Very nice...

Kim Cunningham said...

These are wonderful images! Your snow day sounds perfect! We only had a few rogue flakes this year.

Danelle M said...

Love all the snow shots! Especially the bluebird and the picture of you! :)

karren said...

Cool bird photo...I also love the sprouting daffodils. Spring is here!

packmom said...

What a great week! So many wonderful shots. I miss the snow. That bird sitting there for on the snow covered branches is amazing. Good to see you in some pictures--you have a great smile.