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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 03.10.13

I'm a little late to the party this week. Mainly because I was really stumped on some of these prompts!  So a few of my interpretations are possibly a bit of a stretch, but just roll with it, k?

From the archives, obviously.  This was the butterfly #5 of the Monarchs we raised last summer.  This is the best shot I got of him because we were leaving for a day of fun when he decided to emerge.  So I wedged the bug box lid in our maple tree, snapped a few quick pics, and left.

{word of the day}
SNOW! was the word of the day on Wednesday.  The kids had their first snow day.  In March!  My back is still a little sore from all the shoveling we did that day!  And it is about 70 degrees and beautiful today!  Not to last though, but we are enjoying it while we can.

I'm sharing a photo of our newly remodeled kitchen.  I shared a whole blog post a few days ago, in case you want to see the ugly "before" photos.  :)

In another month or so a beautiful butterfly will wiggle its way out of this chrysalis we have been observing since September/October.

This little girl loves cookies!

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Tamar SB said...

I had a harder time this week too! Great finds - love that butterfly!

Rainey said...

Oh! I love your new kitchen! Somehow I missed your kitchen post. I will have to go back and read it now.

Christine E-E said...

your kitchen tile is adorable. I love the splashes of red! I too will have to come back & check your before & after.
So when you say you raise butterflies - what do you mean? do you protect them from the "elements" (rain, predators, etc).

Nita Davis said...

Love your series, especially the last two shots.

Halie said...

That butterfly is so lovely! But I'm really drawn to the eyes of the cute little girl.

Skye said...

Beautiful photos as always! I am laughing at "Chrysalis" b/c every night we read "The hungry caterpillar" to my 2 year old daughter - and the book says he is in a cocoon... Well my daughter always corrects the book by saying "No no it's a chrysalis!" (We taught her that since we raised butterflies in a cage for her first birthday! :)