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Friday, March 29, 2013

Tender Moment

All it takes is a tender moment


a loving word or the touch of your hand
~ Lee Roy Parnell

Another bird flew into my window this morning and stunned itself for a few minutes.  Alex was quick to go out and offer his love and mercy.  He has such a tender heart and I'm glad I was able to capture this moment on "film".

The sweet little black-capped chickadee was fine after a few minutes.  Once it got its bearings straight, it flew away.  I'm sure we'll see it again at our bird feeder.

Friday Photo Journal


Kim said...


Susan said...

Awww, your son sounds like such a sweetheart. Great moment you captured :)

msdewberry said...

That is a sweet photo! Your son looks like a very gentle soul.

Deanna said...

Oh I am so happy you were able to capture this moment. So dear!!

bettyl said...

It's always a strange moment when you hear that 'thud'. What a wonderfully tender moment you captured.