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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 07.21.13

It's Scavenger Hunt time again!  And since I'm the one sponsoring this week's list, I figured I had better be sure to participate!  Thanks, Ashley, for using my suggestions!  Even if they were a little hard!  :)

Nick wholeheartedly agreed to help me with this prompt.  I painted his face, he put on his new camo hat and his old camo pajamas, and hid in the trees for me.  Then we had even more fun washing the paint off with the hose.  :)

The kids were being especially nutty when I tried to get a photo of all three of them together in our friend's pool.  {sigh}  Although I do really like this picture, it is not what I originally had in mind.

Alex and Nick are more alike than they sometimes care to admit.  They had a blast together while we explored a local park.  Chasing each other and playing their battle games.

We've been seeing lots of hummingbird moths lately.  While these three are not identical, they are pretty cool!

The boys and I took a jaunt to a local park yesterday and did lots of exploring.  We came across this kinda spooky forest area.  I think it would look dreamy in the winter all covered with snow.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a super fabulous week!


abrianna said...

That's what I thought too about the last shot-how striking it would be in the snow.

Never knew there was such a thing as a hummingbird moth.

I do like the nutty shot.

Sharon Collins Photography said...

Beautiful images. Love the pool shot and the moth.

Nicki said...

These are great - odd hummingbirds, but interesting. I love the first and last images of your sons especially.

Rainey said...

Love the camouflage shot! I bet Nick had a blast.

Laura said...

Camouflage is awesome!!
I didn't get around to getting them all this week.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Okay these were HARD for me- you rocked your own prompt ideas!!!! I just love that composition on jaunt- well done my friend. (as always- you never disappoint)

Honey Mommy said...

What a great set of pictures this week! You really nailed it (and I agree that the prompts were definitely challenging!).

Your camouflage shot is awesome! I have never seem hummingbird moths before either, so that was really cool.

Robyn G said...

Looks like you and the family are embracing summer's fun! Love the humming bird shots and the last picture of your little one.

Siblings are more alike than they like to admit. I am learning that I have a lot more similar characteristics to my parents than I thought I did.

Ranch Wife Robyn

Tamar SB said...

The camo is so funny and seriously good!!!

Brooke said...

lovely set!! i love that first shot! love!

Leave It To Davis said...

What an awesome job of painting his face camouflage!!!! Wow! I didn't even see him at first! And you are right....that is a spooky place right now! It might even be spookier in snow! Great job with the prompts!

Ida said...

You get top honors for Camouflaged!
Also those Hummingbird moths were awesome. Hard to photograph those things, I tried one but it was early evening and a cat was bumping the camera because it wanted to get the moth so my pictures were blurry. Love yours.

Kim Cunningham said...

These are awesome! Love the hummingbird moths, how gorgeous!

Patrice said...

Camouflage is so cool!!!