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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to school ~ 2013-2014

Today my kids went back to school.  So last evening we went out for our traditional back-to-school photo shoot.  (This is only our second year doing them, but you gotta start a tradition some time, right?)  :) 

I asked them to dress in what they planned to wear to school the first day.  And even though I made a few suggestions, their final decisions were their own.

The kids wanted to go downtown, so we packed up and headed out.  We were kind of all over the place in our little city and had a pretty good time.

Here are just a few of our snaps ...

I can't believe she's in NINTH grade!

Alex, my baby, is a big second grader!  {sniff sniff}

Nick is now a 5th grader.  He's growing so fast!

Gotta love free printables.  :)

I'm not sure what is up with Alex's deer-in-the-headlights look here.  :)  We may need a retake of this.

Sporting their backpacks.

This last photo was mostly Nick's idea and partly Keira's idea.  Nick had the idea to lay on the steps holding apples in their hands.  Keira had the idea to put the apples on their foreheads.  I'm not sure why exactly.  But this photo makes me smile so I'm glad we did it.  Although we got a few strange looks while we did it.  :)

What am I doing on the first day of school?  After doing a little happy dance after the boys got on the school bus, I'm headed to the laundromat to wash some clothes.  We're still having water problems and are waiting for the well drillers to come out and give us some options.  Thank God for our emergency fund!  I'll then spend the rest of the day drying, folding, and putting away laundry.  Yippee!  :)  But at least it will be quiet for a few hours.

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Melissa said...

I think these are all so cute! And that last one is a cute idea, too!! :)