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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bartley Wedding ~ Photography

Weddings.  Happy celebrations.  Time for families to get together that maybe haven't seen each other in a while.  Good times.  

However, not something I was sure I ever wanted to photograph.


Honestly, I just didn't want the pressure of missing a shot.  I mean, you get one shot.  And if you miss it, well, you don't get another chance.  Sure, you could have them re-enact the shot, but the emotion just wouldn't be the same.  And it may leave the bride and groom wondering if they hired the right photographer.

So, all that to say ... I shot my first wedding Tuesday evening!

A friend of mine, the aunt of the groom, contacted me about shooting this wedding.  The bride and groom are young and couldn't afford a photographer so she was going to hire one for them.  And she asked me!  Yikes!

The reason I said yes was because it was a small family wedding - only about 40 people.  Outdoors at a family member's home.  A good place to start, I thought.

And guess what?  I had a blast!  They were all such a fun group to work with!  The property was beautiful.  The setting was just lovely.

At one point after the ceremony, I was photographing the bride and groom and the groom's uncle (the owner of the home where the wedding was held) yelled from somewhere behind me, "I hope you have a wide angle lens on that thing!"  Too funny!

Anyway, here are just a few pictures from the wedding.  I still have loads more to go through and process.  But I always try to process a few right away to provide a sneak peek on my facebook page.

Matt and Shelby, husband and wife.

The bridal party: Nathan (Matt's brother), Matt, Shelby, and Emily (Shelby's BFF).

They are expecting baby Bartley in early September.  According to Shelby, they had planned to get married anyway, so because of the baby, they just did it sooner than originally planned.

This photo cracks me up!  We were taking photos with Shelby's little brother, who gave Shelby away, and he pulls out his ninja warrior moves on me.  Too funny!

I am glad to be able to provide Matt and Shelby with photos of their special day.

And now I'm hoping I get to shoot another wedding.  :)

Little by Little


Laura said...

I used to think that I would hate the pressure of weddings but I've come to find that I actually kind of thrive on that. It fits me.

Good job on the pics Kim!

Tamar SB said...

These are wonderful! Great job!

tiarastantrums said...

looks great!

...melody... said...

Nice pictures!

Kim Cunningham said...

You did so well! I'm sure they will treasure these images. I think this kind of wedding is the only kind I would do. I did a small wedding a few years ago, that was outside. It was challenging enough, and I couldn't imagine a big church wedding.

Sharon Collins Photography said...

You did a fabulous job and that last one is an awesome moment captured.

Sarah Carletti said...

Wedding would intimidate me as well. You did a great job!

Melissa said...

You did a great job!! Can't wait to see more! I like her dress...cute maternity shot, too (With the heart.)

I have always thought i would hate doing weddings, too. I am doing my first one September 14th & am excited/scared. Ha! But i figure i need to try it to see if it is something i like or not, you know? I won't know if i don't try! I turned down a wedding request before, but this one seemed to be a good one to start with - small wedding, super easygoing couple that understands it's my first wedding & says to just "do my thing" & not worry if i miss something. :) Eek!