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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My New Baby = Photo overload

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Now back to our regularly scheduled post ... :)

On Monday I shared that I was not-so-patiently waiting for a package to arrive via the man in brown.  Well, turns out the man in blue (our mailman) delivered it instead.  While I wasn't home, of course.  :)  

(I had taken Nick to his follow-up appointment regarding his broken toe.  All is well.  No surgery.  No boot.  Not even any tape unless he thinks he needs it.  Apparently 10-year-old boys' toes heal pretty quickly.  And he's only complained about it aching once since breaking it.)

Anyway, once we got home and I saw the box on my front step, my heart started to race.  I was so excited.  I immediately opened the box with my three kids standing around me in great anticipation.  And this is what was inside ...

My first macro lens.  Oh yeah!

I used some of the money I have gotten from photo shoots and sprung for a 60mm 2.8.  Sweet!

I couldn't wait to throw it on my camera and try it out.  Here are some of my results ...
(If you are a fan on my facebook page - Kimberly Vensel Photography, then you have already seen some of these.  But not all.  So stick around. :)

I was literally 2 inches from this bee.  He couldn't care less about me - he was too concerned with loving on my flower.

The kids and I have been collecting milkweed seed pods so we can plant some milkweed soon - hoping to have Monarchs next summer.  This is a close up shot of the seeds.

Our friendly praying mantis.  Nick has been finding them like crazy lately.  This guy/gal has been hanging around for a while.  We know it is the same one because one of its legs is missing.

Flies are really gross, I know, but I was pumped that I could get so close to this one.  It was pretty chilly outside when I took this, which is probably why it didn't fly away.

Not only is this a great macro lens, the reviews say it is also a great portrait lens.  I'm pretty impressed with the sharpness and the bokeh that I am able to get.

Another one of my flowers.  Anyone know what these are called?  (My husband threw away the seed packet after he planted them.)  They have flowers within the flower.  Cool!

A black-eyed susan we came across on our evening walk.

I think this looks like a rose bud, but it is actually a hibiscus bud.  All the other flowers on my bush have died except this one.

I wanted to try out the portrait ability of the lens tonight so I interrupted Keira's violin practicing to snap a few quick pics.

And last, can you guess what this is?
Both boys guessed right away but they live here.  Keira watched me take the picture, so she already knew.  Just a hint, I used a really slow shutter speed.  Wanna guess?

I think this new lens might just replace my 50mm as my favorite.  :)

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Rainey said...

These are beautiful! Yay!

Mersad said...

This lens is amazing. Love the vivid colors it creates. I saw your blog through Rebecca's blog, and I love your images. Am Following now. If you find the time please come check out my photo-blog too. All the best.

Mersad Donko Photography

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Okay - like you needed any more help to create CRAZY AMAZING images. These are phenomenal- but you are so incredibly talented that I know that this new lens is just another tool in your arsenal. WOW these are beautiful.