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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 09.01.13

Hello!  Happy September!  Can you believe it?!  After taking a couple weeks off, I managed to get all the scavenger hunt prompts this week.  

Last week my kids started back to school.  You can see our traditional night-before-school-starts-photo-shoot photos here.  And our first-day-of-school photos here.  Also, I have a giveaway going for a good tween/teen book here.  Go check it out!  I also went to the laundromat to wash many loads of clothes since we are still having water problems.  No pictures of that though.  :)  Doug was out of town for work and got home on Friday.  I had meetings, finished a good book, and had a family photo shoot.  And I edited lots of pictures.  I need to get caught up because I have several more sessions coming up this month and don't want to get too far behind!

Now on to the hunt ...
Nick found this huge toad just yesterday.  He wanted to keep him, but I made him let it go.  He set it down in the grass and I snapped a couple pics so Nick could remember him forever.

Okay, more silhouette than shadow, but I love this pic of Keira holding Alex.

Alex had a blast this week at a new-to-us pool ... playing in the water flowing from the mushroom-looking fountain.

I know I shared this pic before, but it fit for this prompt.  Nick found several more praying mantises this week.  They have these sharp tips on the ends of their front legs.  Although if you are gentle with them, they won't use them on you. :)

The fish at Pymatuning were beyond anything I could have imagined.  They were cool and gross at the same time.  :)

That's it for me!  I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


Rainey said...

I love that silhouette. Really pretty!

Sarah said...

Your flow shot totally made me smile! I love it! Also, the fish are so creepy cool, I love them. lol.

Kathy McB said...

Beautiful silhouette.

Tamar SB said...

That silhouette is simply stunning!!!!!

Honey Mommy said...

What an awesome set! That toad is really cool! My boys would LOVE to find one, but we don't get them that big around here.

I loved your flow and tip photos. They were really lovely! I agree that the fish are cool and a bit gross at the same time.

Christine E-E said...

all your photos are amazing. Instead of a dog pile, you have a fish pile... sorry, I think it must be time for me to head to bed. Your photos of your children really capture their personalities.

Brandi said...

Each of these is so vibrant and interesting!

Ida said...

Fabulous set.
Oh Frogs and Toads are some of my favorite critters. I would have wanted to keep him too. What a great shot of this bumpy guy.

Flow was really fun.

Tip is awesome - We found a Mantis too but ours was dying when we found it.

Those fish are cool and yes a bit creepy at the same time. There are so many of them.

Your Shadow/Silhouette shot is beautiful.

Anu said...

Your tip shot is awesome. It's like he's posing. Beoynd is intriguing.

Katie said...

Whoa! That fish shot is really cool!

I also love your frog and praying mantis shots. They both looks like they are waiting for you to take their picture before heading back into the wild!

But, the shadow shot is my favorite. The sky combined with the silhouette is beautiful!