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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project 52 - Week 50

Another week flew by!  Doug was on vacation and we went shopping three days in a row.  Not full days each time, but still.  That's more shopping than this girl is used to!  We also attended Keira's winter concert, I helped at the boys' school's Santa Shop, we had our church's Christmas dinner, and a couple play rehearsals.  

Saturday was my birthday and we had plans to get dinner and then go to the symphony, taking the kids with us this time.  However Mother Nature had other plans.  The snow came down, turned to freezing rain, then back to snow.  Our road (a main road) didn't get touched by the snow crews until almost 7:30 p.m., which was when the symphony concert was to start.  So we opted to stay home.  Except Doug, who got called out to give his parents a ride home.  They were in an accident earlier in the day (they are okay!) and were stranded.

So instead of a night out, we had a night in.  Popped some popcorn and watched a movie.  It was nice and relaxing.  Though disappointing because I love the symphony.

Due to my busyness and the fact that this post is a day late, I'm only sharing a few pictures from last week.

If you were here a week ago, you already saw this photo.  If you didn't see that post, click on over to see a baby picture of her.  She was so stinkin' adorable!  Anyway, December 10 was Honey's 5th birthday.  She wasn't being super cooperative about getting her picture taken.  Must be learning that from the boys.  :)  But somehow I managed to get her to be still long enough to get this shot.  We are so blessed to have her as part of our family.

Friday was Alex's Grinch party at school.  The kids were encouraged to dress up like a Who, with a silly hat and colorful clothes.  Of course, I forgot about the hat thing until Thursday night.  So we threw this one together quickly.  I cut a party hat out with the Silhouette machine, added some cotton balls, glittery ribbon, and washi tape.  Alex wanted to add the jingle bell that he had gotten from church.  I snapped this photo of him quickly on Friday morning.  I didn't notice that he had buttoned his shirt wrong and apparently it was like that all day.  Too funny!  Oh well, maybe Who's button their shirts wrong like that all the time!  :)

Last, during the snow storm on Saturday, Keira agreed to go outside with me and let me take some snowy pictures of her.  This is one of them.  We didn't last long.  One, because it was really cold and windy!  Keira kept her eyes closed until I was ready to snap because the snow kept getting in her eyes.  And two, because it was getting dark and I really had to crank up my ISO just to get this.  And even then my shutter speed was super slow.  (Notice the snow flake streak that I couldn't edit out?  Yeah, that bugs me.  I might need to work on it a bit more.)

This week is another busy one.  I had a mini photo session on Sunday in the snow.  A sweet young couple that was crazy, I mean, fun enough to come out and play in the snow with me.  And I have another mini session tomorrow afternoon with a young family.  Snow sessions are fun!  Even though it is hard to adjust settings when your fingers are freezing.  I need to remember to bring hand warmers to keep in my pockets.

We also had our Christmas party at Bible study this morning.  My good friend, Laura, taught us how to make finger knitted scarves.  And I actually finished mine!  Not there (I was taking pictures) but at home this evening while Alex was reading to me.  Tomorrow night is our kids' Christmas party at church and I have several things to prepare for that.  Then Friday the boys have their Christmas parties at school.  I'm helping in Nick's class again.  And I got asked to walk around and take pictures for the yearbook.  Not sure how I'm going to make that work yet.

I was hoping to have time to wrap presents, but that might have to wait until the weekend.  I'll have to lock myself in my room to keep the kids from peeking.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

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Tamar SB said...

Busy busy!! Sounds like a great time gearing up for the holidays!

Kim Cunningham said...

So sorry the snow messed up your plans, but glad you recouped and salvaged the time. These images are gorgeous. I love the snow image, and I would not have noticed the snow streak unless you said it was there. That is a gorgeous image!