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Monday, December 9, 2013

The last two weeks ...

First of all, my heart is breaking for my friend, Gina, from Kleinworth and Co. who lost her mom last week to cancer.  If you could please keep her in your prayers while she deals with this loss, I'm sure she would truly appreciate it.

So, I guess I fell off the face of the blogging planet for a week, huh?  I don't really have a good reason to have neglected my blog except that I didn't feel like posting anything.  I thought about it, but then decided to do something else.  :)

Anyway, I didn't share pictures from Thanksgiving week and I usually share photos from the prior week on Monday, so I will share both weeks now.  Just a few, so don't freak out or anything.  :)

A couple days before Thanksgiving we got some snow.  Heavy, wet snow, but snow nonetheless.  Keira agreed to come out with me to play in it.  (My version of playing in the snow involves a camera.)  :)  I took some pictures of her and then she took some of me, which you can see here.  She looks so grown up in this picture!

That week I also snagged a very good deal on a Kitchen Aid mixer.  I've wanted one for a long time now and finally have one!  The boys had a great time playing with the box it was delivered in.  I think we're going to give them cardboard boxes and packaging tape for Christmas this year.  :)

Fast forward to last week ... Alex, my youngest, had his eighth birthday on December 5.  I took this picture of him on December 4 having his last sleep as a seven year old.  {sniff sniff}

Alex bday
We celebrated Alex's 8th birthday on Saturday with family.  I have a friend who is an excellent cake maker.  (You may remember the Angry Bird cake she made for Nick's birthday last year.)  She was available to make Alex's cake this year.  When I asked him what he wanted on his cake, he said he wanted a soccer cake.  And he wanted a soccer ball on top like Nick had the big red bird on his cake.  As you can see, Laura delivered on that request!  He was so excited to get to eat the soccer ball all himself!  When I was putting the candles on it, the first candle I put on was in the center of the ball.  But then the other 7 candles weren't symmetrical and it bugged me so I added one to grow on.  :)

Also, I got an early birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day/Mother's Day, etc. etc. etc. gift.  I bought a 24-70mm 2.8 lens - slightly used.  I had some money set aside and pulled some from our savings once I got a thumbs up from Doug.  It.is.incredible.  In fact, the photo of Alex sleeping and the photos of his birthday party were taken with that lens.  It is super sharp and lets in so much light.  So much nicer than my other wide angle lens, which was pretty good outside but not to great inside. 

So that's it for me.  We have another week full of activities.  Keira's school concert, play practices, Christmas shopping, and a family date to the symphony on Saturday, which also happens to be my birthday.  Have a great week!

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Tamar SB said...

The picture of Keira is STUNNING!!

Love Alex's cake - hope he's loving being 8!

packmom said...

Such a beautiful picture of your daughter in the snow and such fun ones of you. LOL! Glad to see you back.