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Thursday, January 2, 2014


I never felt compelled to have a word that I focus on for the year.  Until now.  Over the past month or so one word kept popping into my head.  Growth.

Growth in my relationship with Jesus.

Growth in my relationships with my family and friends.

Growth in my personal development.

Growth in my business.

But hopefully not growth in my waistline.  :)

Seriously though, Growth will be my focus for 2014.  And possibly beyond.  Who knows?

Merriam-Webster defines growth as:
~ a stage in the process of growing
~ progressive development
~ increase, expansion

Grow is defined as:
~ to become larger; to increase in size, amount, etc. (again, hoping to grow in a way not related to my body - in fact, I'll be working against that)  :)
~ to become better or improved in some way; to become more developed, mature, etc.

So there you have it.  What's the point of having a word if I'm not going to put it out there so others can keep me accountable?

As the year progresses I'm sure God will show me more areas where growth is needed.  I am starting a journal (which is a huge thing for me since I'm horrible at journaling) so I can record areas of growth.  And I'm hoping I can look back at the end of the year and see progress.

I will admit that it is kind of scary.  In order to grow you need to be stretched.  Pushed outside your comfort zone.  Pushed beyond your limits.  I will definitely be relying on God's strength to help me through this journey.

Speaking of growth - becoming more comfortable in my own skin is one area that I need to work on.  Getting in front of the camera more, no matter how much I hate pictures of myself.  My kids need that.  I need that.  So here I am.

I hate self portraits.  I do better when someone like Keira is behind the camera talking to me.  I feel like such a dork trying to smile for a camera mounted on a tripod.

But, as I said, in order to grow, one needs to step outside their comfy little box.  No matter how much I like my comfy little box.  Boxes can't produce growth though.  They can only contain; confine.

No more!  Here's to growth in 2014!

Do you have a word?  If so, how did you arrive at that word?  Do you post it up all around your house to remind you?

Little by Little


Kim Cunningham said...

Love this post, top to bottom! I've never been on for resolutions, but goals? Yes! Growth is a great word. I'm looking forward to seeing how your growth comes in 2014!

Tamar SB said...

This was amazing Kim! Can't wait to see the growth you have this year!!

Rainey said...

I like it! I think my word is "adventure". I may have to post about that. Growth is so important and I can tell you've had amazing growth this year.

Susan said...

Love the idea of choosing a word like this! Great post, and great photo of you :)

Kamana said...

great shots! love the my town one the best.