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Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Second Week ~ 2014

Happy Monday!  Time to recap last week's activities.  Which, I'm happy to say were few.  My schedule is less filled and I am enjoying the down time.  

The kids had school cancelled both Monday and Tuesday due to the 'polar vortex'.  At least that is what the weather experts are calling it.  I just say it was too stinkin' cold!  :)  After a 2-hour delay on Wednesday, they finally went back to school.  This week we (and by we, I mean I) are hoping for a normal 5-day school week with no delays or cancellations.

On Saturday indoor soccer started for Alex.  His first practice started at 9 a.m. so Doug let me sleep in and took him.  He said only 3 kids showed up and one didn't want to do anything.  He just stood there are watched the ball roll past him.  Should be an interesting season.  All but one of his games start at 9 a.m. this year.  No more sleeping in on Saturdays for me for a while.  :)

Once they got home, Doug and I ran a few errands and ate lunch at Red Lobster.  Sans kids.  (I love having a teenage daughter who can keep an eye on the boys!)  I had a Bar Harbor Salad with grilled shrimp.  YUM!  It had "sun-dried berries and honey-roasted pecans with a blueberry-balsamic vinaigrette dressing" on it.  Loved it!  The only thing I wish is that they would use real GREEN lettuce instead of iceburg.  Spinach would be much better.

I also learned how to knit recently.  I made a few ruffle scarves and decided to try my hand at using "real" yarn.  I finished my first scarf on Saturday night.  It took a while for me to do, but I enjoyed the process.  You can check out yesterday's Scavenger Hunt for a peek at it.  Now I'm trying to make a hat with the same yarn.  And after that maybe some mittens.  We'll see.  

Anyway, on to last week's photos ...
On Sunday afternoon Terri brought the girls in so we could exchange Christmas gifts.  Terri goes to her family's on Christmas day, so we usually get together after the holidays.  I wanted to get a photo of my three kids and her two girls together.  No easy task, let me tell you.  Silliness always ensues.  But I love these fun shots that show their personalities so well.

DSC_4725   DSC_4727
Christ showing off the gift card and bike Grammy and Aunt Linda got her.  And Jordan trying out the Spirograph we got her.  She couldn't wait to open it and start creating!

Nick had gone out and made some snow people on Sunday while the temps were still reasonable and the snow was very packy.  He was avoiding the camera when I went out to photograph them though, so Alex stepped in.  He had used the snowman kits we got for Christmas.  I shared more pictures of the snow people on Thursday.

Monday I made some homemade chicken noodle soup to have during the cold snap.  Keira made the noodles while I was out running some errands and I made the rest when I got home.  I wish I would have picked up some spinach or kale while I was out to put in it.  It was still yummy though.

DSC_4749   DSC_4754
When I fired my laptop up on Tuesday morning, the weather app showed -8 degrees.  I guess the official low was -11.  Alex was having a hard time understanding the negative temps so I grabbed a piece of paper out of the recycle bin and drew him a diagram.  He understands now.  :)

Christmas gift cards   DSC_4789
Doug bought me some gift cards for Christmas.  (Even though we agreed that my new 24-70mm 2.8 lens was my gift for the next few holidays.)  He had them in stacking boxes.  He said he woke up one morning around 3 a.m. with the idea and jotted down the notes on wrapping paper, so please excuse any spelling errors or bad handwriting.  :)  

Peppermint Mocha from Coffee-Mate.  If you haven't tried it, you must.  It tastes really good in hot chocolate (for us non-coffee drinkers).

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods!  Be sure to go give Tamar some love with her new weekly link up!  Make it a great week!


Tamar SB said...

Doug is so sweet!! Hope you have a warmer week and thank you so much for linking up!!

packmom said...

So cute to have the notes with the gift cards. Love those snowmen. Wish we had more snow here. While everyone else was in a deep freeze we've had records highs and I want to go skiing. Boo!