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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 02.02.14

Hello!  And welcome to another Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  Which also happens to be Groundhog Day.  I'm posting this on Saturday night, so I have yet to see what the rodent predicts as far as the duration of winter.  But I don't pay much attention to him anyway.  It's going to do what it's going to do.  No matter what Phil says.  :)

But enough of my ramblings.  You're here to see my Scavenger Hunt photos.  Ashley used my list this week, so I had to be sure to participate.  Don't want to miss my own party!  :)

Alex was enjoying a mug of hot white chocolate.  My sister-in-law sent it to us for Christmas.  Alex loves it the most.

Alex loves to snuggle.  I will miss the days when he no longer wants to snuggle with his mama, so I take advantage of the time now.

I used a recipe for a thick bubble solution in order to try our frozen bubble science experiment this week during our well-below zero temperatures.  How's that for a sentence?  :)  If you want to check them out, there are more frozen bubble photos here.

{behind the lens}
behind the lens
 Naturally I am usually behind the lens.  That is where I am most comfortable.  But every once in a while I hand the camera over to Keira so I can be in a shot or two.  Like this one where I'm showing off the painting I did at a class Friday afternoon.  It's not perfect, but not too bad for my first-ever acrylic painting.

{where were you?}
where were you
Last Sunday afternoon I sat outside at our picnic table for about an hour capturing close up photos of snowflakes with my macro lens.  It was very cold but I was determined.  And my determination paid off because I got some incredible shots.  Snowflakes are truly amazing.  More snowflake photos here.

Thanks for stopping by!  I will do my best to return the visit.  I'm on call for a birth photo session the next few days, so things are really up in the air, which I'm not used to.  I like things scheduled.  I'm excited for the opportunity though.  I can't wait to share them with you!  Provided I do a good job.  :)

Make it a great week!


Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely shots all!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Beautiful shots. I miss my little boy snuggling with me. He is 6'2" tall and doesn't want to snuggle any longer.

I your creativity and determination that you use in getting some of your shots.

kewkew said...

Ooo, thanks for the great prompts. Such a sweet snuggle shot. They do grow up so fast and then the snuggles are definitely missed. I have to remember that more and spend more time snuggling my little ones.
Your frozen bubble experiment sounds intriguing, got stop by and check it out, and the picture is just so cool.
But I really really love your macro shot of the snowflakes. Such dedication. That is just lovely!

Karen S. said...

Oh goodness, such forethought and beauty too in your photos. I can just about taste the beverage! Excellent. I tried all week to capture a cool beverage, but just didn't get one until this morning!

Tamar SB said...

These are gorgeous! Love that snow flake and your painting is great!!

DrillerAA09 said...

I would consider a macro lens just to get those snowflake shots. Spectacular image. Yep, even the grandkids are getting too old to snuggle, or so they think. Have a blessed SHS.

Christine E-E said...

snuggles... I miss that! our granddaughter lives 4 hours away & she's getting to the point where she doesn't want to cuddle.
those bubbles are amazing. what sort of fabric are they resting on.

Martha Curtis said...

Your snowflake photos are fascinating! The white hot chocolate looks good. Is the cup really bigger than your boy?

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Such a great set, but love you and Alex. I sure miss those times.

edenhills said...

Your frost and snow shots are amazing! I'm also very impressed with your painting. I'd have never guessed it was your first effort in that medium.