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Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Ninth Week ~ 2014

Last week was not all that busy, but it still somehow got away from me.  The last week of February always seems like the longest.  Though I am excited that March is here now!  Even if it is still winter in these parts.  I didn't pick my camera up much last week, so I only have a few photos to share this week.

You've heard of fingerless gloves?  Well, Nick recently created toeless socks!  Seriously, this boy is tough on clothes/shoes/coats/everything!  :)

DSC_5855   DSC_5857
We spent Saturday morning at our church's Bible Quizzing Invitational.  The kids were pretending to be Olympians and biting their medals.  Nick earned a silver medal and Alex a bronze.  I'm very proud of both of them!  (And notice the orange shoelace?  His shoes are ALWAYS untied.  Drives me crazy!)

We have had some pretty cool sunsets lately.  And the earth is shifting (the sun was way farther to the left about a month ago) which means spring is coming!  YAY!

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Rainey said...

I never understood why Olympians bite their medals. Are they pretending to not trust they are real? That bugged me the whole way through the Olympics. Haha! Fun photos this week!

Tamar SB said...

Way to go on the medals - good for them!!! I saw a wicked sunset last night too - yay for more light (if it will be this dang cold at least we get pretty skies!)

packmom said...

HaHa! Love those socks and such fun pictures of the kids with their medals.