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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 03.16.14

Hello!  Welcome to another Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  We had lots of beautiful sunshine this week.  I even got outside on Tuesday to do some running (actual exercise running - not errand running).  :)  It felt so good to get out and enjoy the warmer weather.  However, Wednesday we had rain which then changed to snow and ice.  Ah, winter in Pennsylvania.  You gotta love getting two different seasons in the same week.  :)

Anyway, you are here for the hunt, so I'll get to it ... 

Keira agreed to help me with this prompt, so after doing some shopping, we sought out an interesting doorway downtown.  We found these on a church.

This candid shot of Doug and Alex cracks me up.  They were looking at Alex's eye spy book together.  Doug is hiding from the camera, as usual.  :)

I already mentioned that we have had lots of sunshine lately.  Soon it will be warm enough to open the windows and let the fresh air in.  Yay!

{look up}
look up
After taking Keira's picture in the church's doorway, I only had to look up to see this steeple.  

Alex helped me try a new gluten-free cookie recipe on Saturday.  Once he stuffed a couple in his face :) he gave me a big thumbs up.  They are yummy!

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Tamar SB said...

Love the doorway shot - perfect! Alex peeking over that book, too funny! Glad the cookies turned out (-:

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

My wife has turned out to be a great gluten free cookie baker for our son. I eat them also. I love the eye spy shot, brings back memories from our son was that age.

Charity Paschall said...

I love the doorway picture! I also like how you incorporated your children into the shots (except the steeple--that would be difficult unless of course your children can fly.) ;)

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Remember those Eye Spy books...great candid shot! The stained glass window in the doorway is beautiful, I imagine it is even more so when lit up. Enjoyed your take on stuffed!

Martha Curtis said...

Nice doorway photo. Great shots of Alex stuffed with cookies. The candid shot is just perfect--so cute!

Karen S. said...

Perfect photo ideas, I like your family helping too, very cool and that doorway is pretty!

Ida said...

Nice set. The Doorway shot was great. Loved your Candid shot, so fun.
Also the Steeple shot was really cool.