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Monday, April 28, 2014

Our 17th Week ~ 2014

Whew!  Last week flew by!  We started out with Easter Sunday church service where Keira played her violin accompanied with Josh on the piano and Sean on the bass guitar.  They sounded great!  My mom, sister, and nephew, who was on leave from the Marines for a week, came to hear her play.  She was so nervous before she went up.  Then afterward she said she wondered why she was so nervous.  Here's the link to the video I made.  (Very non-professional - just a proud mama recording her daughter.  At least it is in focus!)  :)

Sunday after church we had our Easter dinner and then celebrated Nick's 11th birthday.  The weather was soooooo nice that we were outside the majority of the day.  We had a fun egg hunt with Jordan and Christie.  Kyle, my nephew, and Doug threw a football around with the kids for a while.  And we just enjoyed each other's company.

Most of the pictures I am sharing today are from the Photo a Day challenge I am doing this month.

{April 20 - Egg}
My sister gave each of my kids one of these cute little M&M eggs for Easter.  Like they need more sugar after having cupcakes and Dairy Queen ice cream cake for Nick's birthday.  :)

{April 21 - Close}
The lilacs blooms are getting close(r) to opening!

On Monday afternoon my friend, Melissa, came over and showed us some skin care items and did my and Keira's makeup.  Once we were done, Keira thought we needed to do a mini photo session.  This is her favorite shot from that session.  She says she looks "fierce."  )

I also got this sweet one of Nick.  I have figured out that we can't do a full-blown photo session with him.  He prefers if I take his picture in smaller chunks of time.  He seems to cooperate better that way.  :)

{April 22 - Four Things}
Four things ... that are no longer.  YUM!  :)

I was having a good hair day (before going out in the rain anyway), so I decided to take a few selfies.  I needed an updated profile pic for my facebook page.  Selfies are not my favorite thing.  I truly hate taking pictures of myself.  I always feel like such a dork.  Maybe some day I'll share the ones that didn't make the cut.  Or not.  :)

I was trying to hold a branch on our maple tree down low enough to take a picture of some of the blossoms when Nick decided to help me out.  He climbed up, broke one off, and handed it to me.  Not exactly the way I wanted to get a photo of a maple blossom.  :/  I still like how colorful they are though.

{April 24 - A Pop of Color}
One of the buds on our neighbor's bush.  I don't know what kind it is.  I just know I like to photograph it while it is flowering.  :)  And I'm really into negative space in my photos lately.  Could you tell?

{April 25 - Remember}
The photo challenge was created by an Australian woman and I guess April 25 was Anzac Day, which is like America's Memorial Day.  Hence the "remember" prompt.  Many people were posting pictures of war memorial type stuff.  I took this picture of my photo books because I created them so we can look at them and remember the good (and bad) times we have had.

{April 26 - Enjoy the Little Things}
This little violet was growing in our yard.  It made me smile because it reminds me that spring is here!  See why I like negative space?  It leaves room for a quote.

Some things I did last week that were not photographed ... Bible study, boys' dentist appointments, Keira's dentist appointment, Keira's violin lesson followed by worship practice - now that she is playing with one of the worship teams at church on Sunday mornings, a piano recital that one of our Wednesday night church students was performing at and invited me to (she and all the other players did a great job!), and Keira's Strolling Strings performance Saturday evening.  I actually did take pictures of that - just haven't processed them yet.

How was your week?  I look forward to stopping by for a visit!

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Rainey said...

Wow! Keira did such a beautiful job! That is one of my favorite songs and I love that arrangement. She looks beautiful too! She's growing into such a beautiful young woman.

Tamar SB said...

She did such a wonderful job!
Glad you had a lovely Easter! Thanks for linking up!

edenhills said...

These are all lovely shots. I really like the spring blossoms.