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Monday, May 5, 2014

Our 18th Week ~ 2014

Last week was a bit more relaxed than most weeks have been.  Sunday I attended a Spring for the Cure event to help raise money for cancer research.  It was a really nice time.  I saw some people I hadn't seen in a while, ate a great lunch with a bunch of ladies from church, and laughed a lot.  I also donated a photography package to the event and am looking forward to photographing the winner.  Monday I took a trip to Phipps Conservatory.  I shared some photos from that trip already so if you missed them, click on the link.  The rest of the week was mostly normal stuff.  Except for having lunch with my friend, Nikki, after Bible study on Tuesday.  It was a very rainy week.  Not much sun to speak of after a gorgeous day on Sunday.  Hoping this week is much more sunshiny!  :)

The photo a day challenge is still going strong now that we are into May.  I'm going to keep going as long as I feel inspired.  I will, at least, finish this month, since I hate starting something and not finishing it.  :)

Here is a peek into our week (haha, I made a rhyme there) ...

Becky Bday
I mentioned that Sunday afternoon was spent at the Spring for a Cure event.  Well, after church on Sunday night, we had a surprise birthday party for our Pastor's wife, Becky.  She was definitely surprised!  And this photo doesn't do the cake justice.  It was gorgeous!  It sparkled!

My interpretations of the April Photo a Day challenge by Fat Mum Slim on Facebook ...

{April 27 - Under My Feet}
I cheated on this day.  I was so busy with the luncheon and the birthday party, that I forgot about my prompt for the day.  So I used these tulips that I photographed on Monday that reminded me of the song "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by Tiny Tim.  :)

{April 28 - Chaotic}
This glass sculpture by Dale Chulily at Phipps looks pretty chaotic.

{April 29 - Contrast}
I played around with some low-key photography with a little help from Alex.  I need more practice but my subject was getting antsy.  :)

{April 30 - Something Silly}
Something Silly
I was cutting out some items on the Silhouette for our Wednesday night kids' class so I decided to cut out some silly monster mouths in order to get a group shot for this prompt.  Don't ask how many shots we took.  I let each kid have a go with the remote.  Some are more snap-happy than others.  :)

{May 1 - Begins with J}
Begins with J
I was at a loss for this prompt, so in order to do something different, I chose this.  John, loo, head, potty - we all have at least one bathroom in our home.  Ours was the first room remodeled (out of necessity) when we bought our house 16 years ago and is in dire need of an update, hence the vintage processing.  Hopefully this year that update will happen!

{May 2 - Snack}
Decisions, decisions.  On one hand - chocolatey goodness.  On the other - a sweet, juicy apple.  One results in the need for hours of exercise to burn off the calories.  The other not so much.  Which would you choose?  :)

{May 3 - Collection}
When I told Alex what my prompt for the day was, he was eager to show off his Angry Birds collection.  He recently "acquired" it from Nick, who apparently no longer likes Angry Birds.

And here's something random:
Our mail man usually has a little treat for our dog, Honey, when he has to deliver a package.  Well, Monday he delivered a package and didn't have any bones.  He promised her he would get to the store and buy some so the next time, she would get her treat.  Tuesday I got home after having lunch with my friend, Nikki, to find this.  A little bone atop of the Painted Lady butterfly kit I had ordered.  How sweet is that?!  

I actually have more photos I could share, but I'll save them for another day.  My camera is feeling the love lately, that's for sure!  :)

Oh, and one last thing.  I'm hosting a giveaway over on my Facebook page, Kimberly Vensel Photography.  Go check it out and enter if you are interested.  Thanks!

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Tamar SB said...

That cake looks so great - what a lovely surprise! Love the angry birds collection! I would have to choose apple, even though I am a sucker for cake icing, I am an even bigger sucker for a juicy apple.