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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 06.22.14

Hello!  This week's Scavenger Hunt is brought to you from home.  All the pictures, however, are from our vacation since that is where I took all my pics last week.  We are glad to be home, but I look forward to going to the beach/ocean again soon!

The kids' first experience with the ocean proved to them that they can have fun being unplugged from their electronics.  (I thought this photo could also be used for unleashed).  :)

If you have been around the blogosphere for a while, you have probably heard of Melissa Bliss Photography.  I have been a fan for a while so was super excited to get to meet her in person while on vacation.  We asked her come take family photos of us on the beach.  After looking up the definition of unassuming (modest; lacking in arrogance; pleasant or polite), she definitely fits this prompt.  She was such a delight!  Keira took this photo of us after our photo session.  (Look at all my freckles!  Yikes!)  I can't wait to share our photos with you!

Keira was eventually unleashed from her captivity.  :)  
This display was at the Virginia Zoo and, despite the heat, we couldn't pass up the photo op.

The crabs on the beach were pretty unapproachable.  They would scurry into their holes as we got near them.  However, the kids were quick enough a few times to catch some.  We always let them go though.

Doug was unaware that Alex was mimicking his every move one morning while walking on the beach collecting shells.  It was fun to watch.

So that was just a taste of our week.  I'll be sharing more vacation pics as I get them processed.  I took a gazillion photos!  Some with my DSLR, some with Doug's waterproof pocket camera.  (The first and last two in this post were taken with his little Fuji.  It does a pretty good job.)  Be sure to head over to visit our host, Ashley, to see more great Scavenger Hunt finds!

Have a great week!


Tamar SB said...

So glad you had a blast!!! Love the beach shots, makes me miss it!

Martha Jane Curtis said...

It looks like you had fun on your vacation. I love that shot with the kids in the water and the one of Alex mimicking his dad!

Grantham Lynn said...

I love your pics. The crab is the perfect choice for the prompt. Thanks for coming and visiting my post.
Have a great week,