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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 06.29.14

Wow!  The end of June already!  We are mostly all rested up from our vacation and are looking forward to relaxing in July.  Not much planned, which is a nice change.

I want to thank Ashley for an easy list this week.  After last week, it was a much-needed break!

Keira on a "bed of roses" ... pink, red, and white.  And, yes, I did go buy roses just so I could make this picture work.  :)  I only used 2 of each color though, so we can enjoy the rest until they die.

I had this idea in my head ... what if we strung glow necklaces through the spokes on our bike wheels and rode them at night?  Fun stuff!

I took the boys to a friend's house on Friday so they could swim.  Adam was glad for the company.  He and my boys have been friends for a few years.  I couldn't get them to turn around so I could get their picture together.  In fact, they were hiding from the camera most of the time.  So you get to see the backs of their heads as they swam away from me.  :)

First time in the ocean = happy kids!

I tried a couple berries from our neighbor's mulberry tree.  They weren't as sweet as I expected.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to visit our host, Ashley, to see more great Scavenger Hunt finds!


Tamar SB said...

wheels came out so cool!! The ocean shots are fun filled, too!

Great set - I joined the hunt this week too!

Naomi said...

Really liked the roses and berries shots. Followed from Scavenger Hunt link up.

thoughtsofgrace said...

Nice pictures, love the ocean! I find mulberries to be more mess than they are worth.