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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 08.03.14

Time for another Scavenger Hunt!  We are up to our eyeballs in Monarchs this year!  If you've been following along at all here or on Facebook, then you would know that we are raising LOTS of butterflies this year.  At least we are hoping too.  We have released one butterfly so far and have many more Monarchs in various stages.  Anyway, much of my time this week was spent feeding them and cleaning their containers.  On Tuesday after I left a friend's house, I decided to do more searching (since I was without kids) and found LOADS of eggs and nine (I think) caterpillars.  I plan to do a blog post soon on our progress so keep an eye out for that.

Moving on to this week's finds ...

{two things}
two things
When I was giving these guys some fresh milkweed leaves to eat, I found that these two were hanging together on what once was a leaf.  Looks like a mirror image, doesn't it?

Honey is the only animal we have.  Unless you count the frog, two salamanders, 6 or so snails, giant millipede, and over a hundred Monarch caterpillars we are currently housing also.  :)

I write the Scavenger Hunt list down every week so I can remember the prompts.

This was a late-Saturday-night, I don't have a photo for "frozen" yet, photo.  Keira didn't complain though, because she got to eat ice cream.  :)

We are well beyond the age of naptimes in this house, unless you are Honey who sleeps 22 hours a day :) so Keira pretended to nap for me during our hike Saturday afternoon.

That's all I have for now!  Be sure to go visit Ashley for more great finds!  Have a wonderful week!


Tamar SB said...

The two caterpillars totally looks like a mirror image! Great shots - your handwriting is so nice!

Sam said...

Hey Kim love the two caterpillar shot it does look like a mirror image. Very cool!

Rainey said...

The two caterpillars are awesome and the one of Keira on the log is gorgeous!

Martha Jane Curtis said...

All your photos are great, but the two caterpillars wins, hands down!