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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our 38th & 39th Weeks ~ 2014

Another skipped week of posting means another week of double the photos.  Brace yourself.  :)

Finished up September and having Keira as my subject in every photo.  We had fun but were running out of ideas by the end.

{September 21: Fave word}
Favorite Word
Naturally, on her 16th birthday, her favorite word is SIXTEEN.

{September 22: Crisp}
September 22: Crisp
We don't have many crisp leaves on the ground yet, but we did manage to find a few.

{September 23: Triangle}
September 23: Triangle
We were pretty stumped on this one. And then this happened.  :)

{September 24: Loud}
September 24: Loud.
Now that Keira has learned how to play the guitar better, she isn't afraid to play it LOUD!  :)  Here she is rocking out on our friend Seans' guitar.

{September 25: Angle}
September 25: Angle
From this angle Keira's violin looks really big and Keira looks pretty small.

{September 26: Best}
September 26: Best
When I asked Keira which birthday gift she liked the best, without hesitation she answered this one.

{September 27: Celebration}
September 27: Celebration
This was a tough prompt since we celebrated Keira's birthday last Saturday. But this evening I had the pleasure of photographing my sister-in-law and my two nieces and Keira came along as my assistant. Keira and the girls had a little silly celebration when we were almost done with the session. Goofy dollar store glasses and all.

{September 28: Game}
September 28: Game
I'm not quite sure you could call this a game, but it is fun. Keira and I like to go to the top of the parking garage and make silhouettes against the sky at sunset. Tonight the crescent moon was also visible. In case you are wondering, Keira is doing jazz hands.  :)

{September 29: Wish}
September 29: Wish
Wish upon a star. Or a Christmas light.  This didn't come out quite like I'd hoped. Not much time to set it up. We are clearly running out of ideas and are glad to see September coming to an end.

{September 30: Where I'm from}
September 30: Where I'm from
We are from an area that is in the beginning stages of autumn right now. Leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees, the air is cooler. Pumpkins are ripening in the garden. Warm and sunny days are more appreciated because we know it won't be long before all the trees are bare and there is snow on the ground. We have had such a nice stretch of weather these past few weeks. Sad to see it come to an end soon.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having Keira as my subject this month. However, we were running out of ideas so we are glad to see September end. The boys want to know if I am going to do a whole month of each of them. I told them maybe when it is their birth months (December and April). Maybe. They are not nearly as cooperative as their sister.  :)

{October 1: A is for ...}
October 1: A is for ...
Taken at Emmett's Orchard a few weeks ago. A beautiful place with some super friendly people. Not to mention some delicious food and great home decor in their shop. The two bags of apples I brought home that day didn't last long.

{October 2: B is for ...}
October 2: B is for...
Butterfly {duh}  :)
This is a close up of the wing of the handsome fellow I raised and released the other day. He is Monarch number 155 that I raised so far this summer. I thought he would be my last but was fortunate enough to find 16 baby caterpillars, so I'm back in business! Just hoping the weather is warm enough to release them when they have completed their life cycle and become beautiful butterflies.

{October 3: C is for ...}
October 3: C is for ...
Caterpillar (of course) 
And a confused caterpillar at that. This little guy is wondering what happened to the milkweed that he was just eating. Don't worry - I put him right back after his photo session.  :)
This macro shot is a little deceiving because this sweet little guy is only about half an inch (1.5 cm) long.  

{October 4: D is for ...}
October 4: D is for ...
Dried up/Dead

This once was a beautiful blossom of Queen Anne's Lace, a host plant for Black Swallowtails. The butterfly lays her eggs on it, the caterpillars hatch from their eggs and feed on the plant. They go on to form their chrysalis and eventually emerge as another beautiful butterfly. And the circle of life continues. There will be plenty of this planted in my butterfly garden next year.

Linking with Tamar, as always.  :) 
Better late than never.

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Tamar SB said...

These are so great! Love Keira with her bow and arrow!