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Monday, November 24, 2014

Our Week in Review 2014 ~ 11/16-11/22

As I continue to participate in Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge, I will continue to share them here.  :)

{November 16:  After}
November 16:  After
After all the Monarch butterflies have flown south to Mexico, only reminders of them like this remain. Milkweed seed pods that have exploded open. Sending their tiny seeds to carry on with their intended purpose. Providing me with hope for an even better butterfly-rearing season in the summer of 2015.  ƸӜƷ

{November 17:  Cooking}
November 17:  Cooking
Alex made himself breakfast the other day. He's getting pretty good at cooking. Toaster waffles anyway.   :)

{November 18:  I love this}
November 18: I love this
There are many "things" that I love ... Jesus, my family, my life, my dog, my Nikon, etc. so what to share for this prompt took some consideration. 

Well, those of you that know me by now know that I love my Monarchs. I love witnessing miracle after miracle each summer right here in my home. I love the whole - sometimes messy - process. From harvesting eggs and caterpillars, to feeding them, to cleaning out their frass (aka poop)  :) , to watching them grow out of their skin (literally), to becoming a gorgeous chrysalis and eventually an even more gorgeous butterfly. It is going to be a long winter while I wait in anticipation of next summer for their return.

{November 19: Whole}
November 19: Whole
Well, almost.  Why are the simplest prompts sometimes the hardest?

{November 20: Bright}
November 20: Bright
Keira has a bright idea! As Gru would say, "Light ... bulb!" (You have to say it in his voice though.)   We tried several ideas and this is what we ended up with today. Not exactly what I had envisioned but it will have to do.

{November 21: Shoes}
November 21: Shoes
When Plan A doesn't work, you go with Plan B, an archived pic.   :)
We didn't wear shoes much when we were at the beach this past June. I'd really like to be there right now instead of freezing and sitting in front of my space heater.   :)

{November 22: A favorite thing}
November 22: A favorite thing
If you know me, then you know that I love Monarchs.  They are most definitely my favorite thing (aside from photography). A friend of mine who does embroidery delivered this today. It is a sweatshirt with a beautiful Monarch butterfly embroidered on it. I can't wait to wear it!

(You can just skip this next part if you want.  It is more for me than for you.)  :)
Last week was another busy one.  I had something going on almost every evening, which is rare for me.  I try really hard not to do that.  
Monday we had yucky weather so we decided to cancel Keira's violin lesson.  Freezing rain and colder temps were moving into the area so we just stayed home.  Well, she did.  I delivered my last photo session so far this year.
Tuesday was supposed to be a full day of running.  Except when I took Keira to school in the morning, my oil light kept flickering on my dash.  I called Doug to ask him about it and he advised me not to drive my car.  So I ended up missing Bible study.  But my friend Tiffanie picked me up on her way to the school so I could still help out at the Book Fair.  It is fun watching kids pick out books.
We had a Deaconess meeting Tuesday evening.  My friend, Marcia, picked me up for that.  I don't like not being able to drive my car but I am grateful for friends who were willing to help me out.
Doug bought a new oil filter and got the van all fixed up.  Turns out when he went to buy the oil and filter, the page for 2011 KIAs was missing from the book.  So he bought the filter for the 2010 Sedona.  Apparently that wasn't right.  In fact, each year takes a different oil filter.  How bizarre is that?
Wednesday was the normal ... volunteering at Kids' Club at church.
Thursday was Parent Visitation day at the boys' school.  I got to play with Alex in phys ed and then join him in reading class.  I didn't visit Nick's class since he was serving his sentence in the principal's office.  He had gotten into a fight with another boy on Wednesday and both of them ended up with in-school suspension.  :/  Prayers for wisdom on how to deal with his pre-teen angst would be greatly appreciated.
Thursday evening was Family Reading Night so Alex and I went for a while.  He had fun playing games and looking at books.  I got to talk with some other moms.  It as a nice time.
Friday I went to see the movie Saving Christmas with some girlfriends.  It was great seeing it on the big screen.  That evening I taught a girl how to use her camera.  Something I love to do.
Saturday I was supposed to go out to dinner with some girlfriends (not the same ones I went to the movie with)  :)  but decided to stay home.  I just needed to stay in and kick my feet up.  I'm sure I missed a good time, but I hope to go next time.

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