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Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Week in Review 2014 ~ 11/9-11/15

Sunday, November 9, Doug and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  Wow!  I can't believe it has been 18 years!  Friday we celebrated by going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Clifford's.  It is our once-a-year splurge.
Monday afternoon I got to meet Keira's Principal.  I really liked him.  She wasn't in trouble or anything.  We needed to discuss a few things with him to help us make a decision on the direction of her schooling.
Tuesday the kids had the day off for Veteran's Day.  The weather was gorgeous!  We went to the parade and then the boys had their 6-month check ups.  We did a little shopping afterwards.  Keira bought the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2.
Wednesday I had a dentist appointment.  Just a few quick fixes.  Optional, really.  I didn't even have any novocaine.  My dentist was impressed with that fact.  :)  He commented that women are tough and that he would be a big baby about it all.
Saturday the boys had a Bible Quizzing Invitational.  Nick earned silver and Alex earned bronze.  Nancy, the lady in charge of our group, said Alex was one question away from silver.
I attended an artist's workshop where we learned how to watercolor.  My friend, Sam, taught the workshop.  She's been watercoloring since she was a child and is incredibly talented.
After that I finished up a few things at home and then went to my friend Rainey's house where we did some more crafty things.  I worked on my Project Life album (started 2013) and she made a Thanksgiving banner and a couple other things.  Her friend, Dawn, came also.  She worked on some Thanksgiving things too.  It was a fun day.
Rainey is one of the characters in our local theater group's play, A Christmas Carol, and practices started tonight, so we probably won't get to craft again until after Christmas or New Year's.

So anyway, let's get to last week's pictures, shall we?

{November 9:  Heck yes!}
November 9:  Heck yes!
Eighteen years ago today I said "heck yes!" or at least "yes" or was it "I do"?  :)  when Pastor Jim asked me if I would take my husband, Doug, in marriage. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part. We have probably experienced all of those (except for the death part, of course) and are still going strong. What does this photo have to do with all that? Well, this is a close up of one of the roses he bought for me today for our anniversary. Here's to 18 more years!

{November 10:  I do this every day}
November 10:  I do this every day ...
Every day I try to find something beautiful in the ordinary.

{November 11:  A set}
November 11:  A set
Seeing this set of horses when we attend our local parades always makes me smile. I look for them every time.

Today in the USA we celebrate Veteran's Day. Honoring those that have served or are currently serving in our armed forces. My heartfelt gratitude to each and every one.

{November 12:  Normal}
November 12:  Normal
It is perfectly normal to see me laying on the ground in order to take a photo of something. Leaves, bugs, flowers, people. You name it. And I have the grass stains to prove it.  :)

{November 13:  Letters}
November 13:  Letters
He was pretty happy to help with this prompt since it meant he got to eat some of the gummies when we were done.

{November 14:  For me}
November 14:  For me
Photographing nature isn't something I get to do often during my busy season with my business, but it is something that I try to squeeze in now and then, just for me. I am in love with my macro lens and all of the details that it enables me to enjoy.

{November 15:  Hot + cold}
November 15:  Hot + cold
Cold whipped cream on hot chocolate. Mmmmmmmm.  (This photo got chosen in the FAB photos for the day!  Which is kind of funny since I was scrambling to get something and took this at around 9:00 at night just to get my photo of the day.)  :)

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Lori Nagle said...

Never been to Cliffords, but would like to splurge one day and go. Happy Anniversary!

Tamar SB said...

Happy belated anniversary! Sounds like a busy but good week! That whipped cream is calling my name at 5 am hehe

Mersad said...

Your first shot is absolutely perfect. The shallow depth of field is amazing.

Mersad Donko Photography