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Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Weeks in Review 2014 ~ 11/30-12/13

So, yeah, I missed last week's post.  Doug was on vacation from work and we spent a lot of time shopping.  Not all Christmas shopping though.  We are remodeling our bathroom.  Again.  It was the first room we did when we bought our house 17 years ago and it is due for an update now that the rest of the house is done.  If I wasn't shopping with him, I was shopping with someone else!  :)  I tagged along with some ladies from church to Kraynak's (Christmas and toy store) and Daffin's Candy (chocolate!) again this year.  We went last year and had so much fun, I guess we are making it an annual thing.   We also made some Christmas candy.  Every year the deaconesses at church give out small boxes of candy for Christmas.  It is a lot of work making it but it is fun getting together.  I will probably be helping with that again this week.

Since I didn't post last week, you get bombarded with two week's worth of photos.  Sorry!

{November 30: I bought this!}
November 30: I bought this!
Recently I bought a package of sparkley, glittery washi tape to use in my scrapbooks and for crafting. Because one can never have too much washi tape.  True story.  :)

{December 1: Fruit}
December 1:  Fruit
This is the only sunshine we saw here today.  :)

{December 2: Grass}
December 2:  Grass
Back in July, before the maintenance folks mowed the Far Meadow at our favorite park, Honey had a fun time running through the tall grass.

{December 3: Pop!}
December 3:  Pop!
Alex was excited to finally be able to open this apple-cinnamon lolli-POP from Halloween. I knew we were saving it for a reason.  :)

{December 4: Free}
December 4:  Free
Gazing at the moon is free. However, taking a trip to the moon is anything but. It is estimated that NASA spent $20-$25 billion (in 1969 dollars) sending men to the moon. That would be about $150 billion today. YIKES!

{December 5: Me}
December 5:  Me
Me ... with the birthday boy. Alex turned 9 officially at 5:12 a.m. today. My baby is growing up too fast! {sniff sniff} We got a little silly taking pics with my cell phone.  We were messing with the different modes on my phone. This was taken on "beauty" mode. My skin is not that smooth.  :)
If you missed it, I posted about Alex's ninth birthday.

{December 6: Joy is ...}
December 6:  Joy is ...
Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.  
Alex was so excited to (finally!) put the tree up today. He helped his dad get it up, string the lights, and put on the star. Then my in-laws came over for a visit, so Alex was even more excited when his grandma helped put ornaments on. He loves having the tree up!

{December 7: Weekends are for ...}
December 7:  Weekends are for ...
Worshiping Jesus and celebrating Christmas with our church family. (We had our Christmas dinner today). And enjoying the beautiful sunshine, which felt especially good as the sun has been a bit elusive lately.

{December 8: Simple pleasure}
December 8:  Simple pleasure
A few years ago I decided to start collecting snow globes. It is a simple thing that makes me happy. This guy was my first and is still my favorite. He's just so cute!

{December 9: Decoration}
December 9:  Decoration
One of my favorite decorations at Christmastime is our tree because having it up enables me to play more.

{December 10: Closed door} 
December 10:  Closed door
Just one of many decorated closed doors we saw today during our walk through Kraynak's Christmas decorations.

{December 11: Something red}
December 11:  Something red
I loved the Snoopy lights in the Peanuts display yesterday while visiting Kraynak's. I would have bought some of these lights if they had any in stock. Snoopy and I go way back. 

{December 12: Skyline}
December 12:  Skyline
This is the view out my front door ... my neighbor's mulberry tree. I love that tree. I think it has so much character.

{December 13: Much loved}
December 13:  Much loved
After thinking all day what I could take a photo of that is much loved, I finally decided on Honey. She's been our girl for almost 6 years (we adopted her in January when she was just a pup) and I couldn't imagine life without her.

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Tamar SB said...

So much holiday spirit! Hope Alex had a good birthday!
The washi tape is so festive and fun!

Mersad said...

Your images are stunning. Honey is adorable!

Mersad Donko Photography

W. Latane Barton said...

I scrapbook but I have to admit... I don't know about washi tape. Something new to me so I need to learn all about it.

carolina rico said...

Beautiful pictures! All of them!!!!

Kim Cunningham said...

I love the steeple and the negative space! Hope you had an amazing birthday!

Nicki said...

Each image even better than the one before and all such a brilliant glimpse into a blessed life. Beautiful!