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Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekly Summary ~ 1/18/15 - 1/24/15

Last week started with a trip to Lancaster to see the show Moses and ended with me teaching some lovely ladies how to use their cameras in manual mode.  It was a good week!

{January 18:  Today is ...}
January 18:  Today is ...
A day of traveling. We were on the road a little longer than we had planned. We dealt with ice, snow, a snow/rain mix, rain, and fog. We made it to our destination unscathed though. Keira took this picture with her phone while I was driving.  The mountains of Pennsylvania are so beautiful!

{January 19:  Homemade}
January 19:  Homemade
I haven't really made anything (except food) lately. But I haven't photographed any of it. So this is the little rice pack that my daughter made. You heat it in the microwave and put it on sore muscles. My neck has been enjoying the company of this cute little guy quite a bit lately.

{January 20:  Window}
January 20:  Window
This is written on our front window with liquid chalk markers. Counting down until spring arrives. Although I must admit I was excited about the snow that we got today. It wasn't bitterly cold so we could actually go outside and enjoy it.

{January 21:  In a row}
January 21:  In a row
Dipping into the archives for this one. This is my favorite kind of row. A row of Monarch chrysalises just before the butterflies eclose (aka emerge). I am sooooooo looking forward to this year's butterfly season!

{January 22:  Collection}
January 22:  Collection
Alex likes to play with his collection of Toy Story toys. Woody will always be his favorite though.

{January 23:  Something far away}
January 23:  Something far away
Now, in the dead of winter, when surrounded by lack of color, summer seems so far away.
I spent the day getting ready to teach a photography class tomorrow, so this is a stretch, but it'll have to do.   :)

{January 24:  Play time}
January 24:  Play time
I spent the day with these lovely ladies teaching them how to use their cameras in manual mode. We had a fun time playing and practicing their new skills. They want to go for a photo walk when the weather gets nicer so they can practice what they learned. Now, that's my kind of play time.  (Yes, I know that Leslie has her lens cap on.  I didn't notice it when I was taking their photo.)  :)

Linking with Tamar:

We left Sunday right after church for Lancaster.  We took the Bible Quizzing kids since they are doing the book of Exodus this year.  Moses was the perfect show for them to see.  We spent the night at a hotel, got up Monday morning and saw the 11:00 show.  It was incredible!  I had never been to a Sights and Sounds show before and now I can't wait to go back!  

I'm pretty proud of myself for driving all that way.  I'm so used to Doug driving when we go on long trips but he didn't go due to work.  Not everyone could fit in the church van so a second vehicle was needed.  Jenn drove the church van with all the kids (God bless her!) and I drove my van with Keira and two of the moms.  It was exhausting but I did it.  Next time we go I would like to spend more time in Lancaster.  I hear it is a great town full of photo ops!  :)

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful.  I got some stuff done around the house, prepped for my camera class, and watched a movie or two.  Alex had soccer practice on Saturday morning which Doug took him to since I was teaching my class.  We did get some snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, which was kind of nice.

Doug is making slow progress on the bathroom.  He started putting up some of the drywall on the ceiling.  But he's thinking he might want to do something else instead.  When we get time to go shopping together, he's going to show me his idea.

The kids had a snow day today.  We're not getting as much snow as is forecasted for the New England states but we got several inches.  It's about time!  :)   If you are in the area getting all that snow, I pray that you don't lose power!  Keep warm and safe!


Mersad said...

Even though, as you said, it's winter and there is a lack of color, you did find some really great colorful sights from your world in this time of the year.

Mersad Donko Photography

Tamar SB said...

We've got a foot so far and hours to go!!

Love the travel picture and glad you had a safe trip!

Kim Stevens said...

Not just a full week but a fun one. We will be (as a family) driving from Texas (holy cow batman) to North Carolina and to PA to see places where my original ancestors came to from England. Mendenhall PA will be one place, and I'm pretty sure Lancaster County might be another. I sure hope there is no snow in March...that would be a problem.