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Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Summary ~ 1/4/15-1/10/15

During the first full week of January I pretty much hibernated.  It was so cold this week that I only went outside when totally necessary.  :)

{January 4:  I hear ...}
January 4:  I hear ..
Keira practicing on her new acoustic guitar. Her natural talent amazes me!

{January 5:  Square}
January 5:  Square
Totally uninspired today, so this is as good as it gets.

{January 6:  Round}
January 6:  Round
Something round that I use almost every day.

{January 7:  Currently reading}
January 7:  Currently reading
(I actually just finished a book last night, Iscariot.  Wow.  Powerful story.  So I had to come up with something else.)
My favorite magazine.
PS - I hate selfies.

{January 8:  Landscape}
January 8:  Landscape
My favorite tree as seen today. I think I have a photo of it in every season.
This photo was taken through my dining room window which is currently frozen shut. It is a whopping ZERO degrees here today with a wind chill of -18F. School has been cancelled due to the frigid temps. All of that means that this girl will continue her hibernation until further notice.

{January 9:  Pattern}
January 9:  Pattern
Playing around today trying to capture water drop patterns. This isn't as sharp as I would like, but it will have to do. It is really hard to focus on a water drop!
This photo got 307 likes on the FMS PAD page.  That blows me away!  I almost didn't post this picture because it wasn't up to par.  :)

{January 10:  Hello}
January 10:  Hello
Honey says HELLO from sunny, but frigid Pennsylvania!
I did actually step outside today to take this photo of our beauty. She LOVES the cold and snow. We were only out for about 5 minutes and my face was already hurting from the blustery winds. So now we are back inside - she's napping; I'm getting some editing done - and inside is where I plan to stay. 

Absolutely nothing exciting happened last week.  It was bitterly cold and snowy.  Although the sun did shine several days which made the cold a bit more bearable.  We missed church on Sunday because Alex wasn't feeling well.  We did go to Ministry School in the evening though because he was feeling better by then.  Or else he was faking it.  :)  Keira had a violin lesson on Monday evening.  Then we stopped at Panera Bread to pick up dinner because we were starving.  :)  The kids had school delays on Tuesday and Friday and school was canceled on Thursday.  Which also meant my PTO meeting was canceled.  Church services were canceled on Wednesday night.  Keira was sick on Friday - thus prolonging my hibernation since I didn't have to drive her to school for early bird.  I did have to run up to the boys' school though.  That was all I did though.  It took about 20 minutes to clean off and warm up my car in order to run a 5-minute errand.  Saturday I taught some great ladies how to knit a ruffle scarf then came home and hibernated some more.

Doug did start ripping apart the bathroom on Saturday so I guess that's kind of exciting.  Hoping it doesn't take too long to renovate the bathroom!  We have everything bought except the commode.  It is picked out but not yet purchased.

So that's pretty much it.  I'm not feeling the greatest right now.  Headache and upset stomach.  I'm hoping I'm not getting that yucky stuff that's been going around.

Hope you have a great week!

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Tamar SB said...

Now I'm craving a game of scrabble!

Hope this week is warmer and healthier for you all!