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Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Summary ~ 2/22/15 - 2/28/15

March is here!  I'm so excited!  Even if it did come in like a lion - dumping about 8 inches of snow on us on Sunday.  That just means it will go out like a lamb, right?  :)

Wishful thinking.

Anyway, let's get straight to last week's photos, shall we?

{February 22: Macro}
February 22:  Macro
Still enjoying the bouquet of flowers Doug bought me for Valentine's Day.

{February 23:  Fix}
February 23:  Fix
The inside of my Big Shot machine that has been sitting here waiting to be fixed for quite some time now. :/
Some days the inspiration just isn't there. This would be one of those days.  :)

{February 24:  12 o'clock}
February 24:  12 o'clock
Time for a cup of tea to help soothe a sore throat.

{February 25:  Reflection}
February 25:  Reflection
When we visit the zoo, I try to get at least one group shot. Even if it is only a reflection in one of the fish tanks.  :)
(Archive shot)

{February 26:  Grow}
February 26:  Grow
Nothing is growing around here since we are still under several inches of snow with more on the way. So I bought a small pot of Primroses to brighten things up a bit. 21 days until spring arrives!

{February 27:  Still life}
February 25:  Still life
Nothing spectacular today. Simply a dead rose from my Valentine's Day bouquet. Surprisingly some of the other flowers are still hanging in there.
(Much to my surprise, this photo was chosen as one of the FAB photos for the day.)

{February 28:  Thank you}
February 28:  Thank you
Thank you, Mom, for being so awesome and letting me climb the snow mountain in the mall parking lot. 
Love, Alex

Last month's completed collage:
February FMS PAD collage

Linking with Tamar:

Quick rundown of last week:
Nick's volleyball tournament got rescheduled to Monday.  It had been scheduled for Thursday the 18th but then school got cancelled.  No school again on Friday.  I was a little peaved that they didn't give us any notice.  Nick got home from school at 3:40 as usual and told me that he needed to be there at 5:15.  Anyway, his team lost right away.  They were playing double elimination so once a team lost two games, they were done.  One of our school's teams won the overall tournament, which was exciting.  There were 11 elementary schools participating.
Tuesday we had yet another school cancellation.  I think they are supposed to go to school until June 10th now.  :(
Doug got sick early Friday morning and stayed home from work.  While I felt bad for him, there was nothing I could do to make him feel better.  So I left the house.  :)  I usually exercise in our living room but he was resting on the couch.  So I went to the mall and walked 5 laps then ran some errands.  He rested all day and felt a little better by evening.  Although he said he felt like someone beat him up.
Saturday morning was soccer, as usual.  Except this time Doug didn't go.  He still wasn't feeling great.  Alex's team lost.  Again.  One of these years he will get placed on a winning team.  He has fun though and I guess that's all the really matters.  

The kids had a 2-hour delay for school this morning.  Which really should have been a cancellation.  As much as I hate adding another day to the end of the year, safety really should be a priority when it comes to our kids.  There were wrecks everywhere.  Keira called me to tell me her bus was taking a detour to school because a truck was blocking the road they usually take.  Then a bus got stuck on the hill right below the school.  For whatever reason, that road is poorly maintained in the winter.  And you would think of all places, that would be taken care of the most.  Tomorrow the forecast is calling for freezing rain then ice then rain but not until after the kids will already be in school.  Here's hoping for no more delays or cancellations!


Tamar SB said...

These are stunning!
Seriously, March came in like a polar bear! Hope you have safe travels to school today!

edenhills said...

So busy! Love all the photos. I can certainly see why yours was chosen as one of the top shots.