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Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly Summary ~ 4/19/15 - 4/25/15

Another fun but busy week.  I started the Couch to 5K training program.  I hadn't planned to start but my friend Rainey said she was going to start so I offered to do it with her.  Last week went pretty well.  The one-minute running intervals mixed with the 90-second walking intervals weren't too bad.  My shins kept cramping up though.  I had to stop and stretch them multiple times.  To think I used to run a full 5K once upon a time.  Oy!  :)

Did I mention that I stopped eating sugary junk?  The Monday after Easter was the last time I ate something like that.  So far I have lost 5 pounds.  I usually weigh myself on Mondays but I forgot today, so I'll do it tomorrow.  Hoping I'm down a couple more!

Continuing with 365 Photo's challenge ... opposite month is proving interesting.

{April 19:  Mine}
April 19:  Mine
This magnolia tree, that is just beginning to bloom, resides at a local school. But every spring I wish it was mine.  :)
This photo got picked as one of the Top Shots of the day! WOOT!

{April 20:  Theirs}
April 20:  Theirs
Our maple tree is theirs, as long as they wish to stay.  I love seeing all the different birds in our tree.

{April 21:  Neat}
April 21:  Neat
The tiny flowers growing in the middle of the bigger flower look really neat to me.  (This "flower" which is probably actually a weed is not all that big.  Maybe about the size of a nickel.)

{April 22:  Messy}
April 22:  Messy
Squirrels are just plain messy. Especially when they get into my bird feeders. I don't mind them eating the bird seed on the ground, but I get upset when I see them in my feeders making their messes. This one is kinda cute though. Looks more like a chipmunk than a squirrel.

{April 23:  Fast}
April 23:  Fast
I had to be pretty quick on the shutter button in order to capture this "Dory" fish at the aquarium. They move really fast!

{April 24:  Slow}
April 24:  Slow
I had to use a pretty slow shutter speed in order to show the movement of this pinwheel. Alex was happy to help me achieve my goal.

{April 25:  Up}
April 25:  Up
Our dog, Honey, will often go look up our maple tree to see if there are any squirrels hanging out up there.

Linking with Tamar:

As I said, I started the Couch to 5K training program on Sunday.  I ran again on Tuesday and Friday.  So far, so good.  I bought myself a new pair of running shoes after the first run.  I felt like I needed more cushion if I'm going to do this.  :)
Monday I dropped my car off to get a couple irritating noises fixed.  My friend, Jenn, came by to pick me up and we went to Panera for lunch.  Our friend, Kiersten, joined us a little late.  The garage said they fixed the noises, but now that I've been driving my van for a few days, I don't think so.  Good thing it didn't cost me anything.  But now I will need to make another appointment so they can actually fix it.  Hopefully.
On Wednesday I went to St. Luke's Lutheran School to talk to a 6th grade science class about Monarchs.  My friend, Melissa, their teacher, invited me.  That was the oldest group I have spoken to (formally) about Monarchs.  They were really a great group of kids.  Lots on input and questions.  One girl in particular caught the bug.  No pun intended.  She was like, "I'm gonna do this!"  Meaning raising butterflies.  Yay!  That excites me!
A few days this week I spent repotting some of my starter plants.  I needed to thin some out.  I'm nowhere near done yet but I don't know where I'm going to put everything.  If it would only warm up and I could plant outside!  I told my husband that I need a greenhouse.
On Saturday the kids and I went to a local state park to help with some work they needed done.  They were pulling an invasive, non-native plant.  We showed up with our gloves and willingness to learn and help.  The kids did pretty well.  They started to get a little grumpy near the end because they were getting hungry - despite all the snacks that they ate while we were working.   So we went to lunch afterwards.  A late lunch.  Or an early supper.  :)
The ladies we were pulling weeds with are part of the Penn State Master Gardeners group.  I was telling them that I will be speaking to their group in July about raising Monarchs.  They were excited to hear that.  They tried to talk me into joining the Master Gardener group.  I told them that I'm not a gardener (yet) and have much to learn about all of it.  That didn't seem to matter to them.  So we'll see.  Several of the ladies said they have butterfly gardens at their homes but have never actually raised a butterfly.  I can't wait to teach them how!

That was pretty much my week.  Hope you had a great one!  And this one is even better!


Tamar SB said...

Good for you with the weight loss! Good luck with the 5K training, I have one in a few weeks (-:

Rainey said...

Eek! Well now I've been called out on the blog, so I've gotta keep going. Lol! I think I will start back up on Friday and see how it goes. I might do another day at week 1, since I took such an extended period off.

I love your "Theirs" photo and the chipmunk, and the Honey photos. LOL

edenhills said...

Great shots! They are all wonderful, but I think the last one showing the movement of the pinwheel is my favorite. My magnolia tree has already lost all of its blooms.

Sharon Collins said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Beautiful set of images.