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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekly Summary ~ 4/26/15 - 5/2/15

First of all, I wanted to mention a giveaway that I am having.  Head over to this blog post to enter for a chance to win the digital download album from Christy Nockels - Let It Be Jesus.  Today is the last day to enter and no one has entered yet.  :(  Which is good for you!


May has arrived!  Let the craziness begin!  :)  As we wind down the school year, May always brings with it many last-minute things.  Some fun.  Most fun, actually.  Things like Grandparents' Day, Family Fun Night, and Field Day.  Not to mention Nick's 6th grade celebration at the end of the month.  And Alex's field trip this week.

We also have orchestra concerts, NJHS ceremonies, Mother/Daughter banquets, and prom pictures.  My nieces birthday party is this month also.

I did manage to squeeze in a day at Phipp's Conservatory yesterday with my friend, Sharon.  We met on Facebook, discovered that we lived in the same area and both love photography, so we decided to meet.  We had such a good time yesterday.  We're already planning our next outing.  :)

Anyway, I'm short on time, so I'll get to last week's photos ...

{April 26:  Down}
April 26:  Down
Sometimes it is necessary to get down on the ground to get the photo you have visioned. Yesterday the kids and I volunteered at a local state park pulling an invasive, non-native plant. While in the woods, Keira found these fiddlesticks and called me over as she knew I would be interested in seeing them. My kids are trained well. :) We marked where they were so I could come back with my camera when we were done with our work. They were only a few inches off the ground, so down I went to get my photo. A position I find myself in often in order to "get the shot".

{April 27: Strong}
April 27:  Strong
Bumble bee wings must be pretty strong in order to carry such a large body around.

{April 28:  Weak}
April 28:  Weak
The light from the moon during the day is pretty weak. (I realize the moon doesn't actually give off light, but I had to come up with something for today).  :)

{April 29:  Is}
April 29:  Is
This is my first butterfly capture (photographically speaking) of the year. It is called an Eastern Comma. Looking forward to many more butterflies this spring/summer!

{April 30:  Was}
April 30:  Was
This guy was flying overhead, probably looking for his next meal.

{May 1:  Rectangle}
May 1:  Rectangle
Nothing too exciting.  Just a plaque I have on my wall and my little mirror hanging under it.  :)

{May 2: Beginning with "S"}
May 2:  Beginning with "S"
Sun flare.  {love}
This photo got chosen as one of the Top Shots for the day! WOOT!

Linking with Tamar:

Last week I:
Did some more Couch to 5K.  Week 2 is complete.  However, week 3 will probably have to wait until next week.  This one is super busy!
Walked several mornings with my friend, Sam.  I actually ran Monday and Wednesday before she got there and then walked with her for a bit.  I thought that would be better than the other way around.  I wouldn't feel like running after walking 30 minutes with her.  :)
Played in the dirt quite a bit.  Weeding and planting.  Love it!
Had lunch with my friend, Amy, at Rachel's.  It was great getting together with her.
Saturday morning I attended a workshop at a local greenhouse.  Like really local.  Like I walked there.  :)  (Sorry for all the "likes").  Bob, the greenhouse owner/operator, was gracious enough to teach us about flowers and planting and watering/fertilizing.  It was a gorgeous morning!
Went to Preston Park with the boys on Saturday evening.  Even though Nick is still on restriction due to his grades and his 12-year-old-boy attitude :) I wanted to get his pictures taken.  His birthday was April 13 and we hadn't done them yet.  
I think that's pretty much it.  It was a great week!


Tamar SB said...

Good luck with the couch to 5k!
We have Grandparents day on Friday - May is always a busy school time!

Sam said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for walking with me every chance we get. I'm glad you run before I get there too, wish I could run with you but my lungs can't handled that yet . . . hopeful for future!

Your photos are just amazing and I love everyone them. Thanks for sharing!

Rainey said...

I love that first shot! So awesome!